Bubbles: The Chaos and the Calm?

Yes, this is a post about bubbles, the often demanded, universally loved by toddlers, almost guaranteed to be spilled, bottle of soapy water with a wand. I have a newfound appreciation for bubbles and what they can bring to your life.

Fun for Toddler

Ah bubbles, this is often a go-to outside time activity for my toddler. If we’re outside for any length of time there are demands for “bubbles!” As a toddler with an ever-growing independent streak, he wants to “do it myself!” It is a way for him to have some control in his life and to exert his independence. There are demands to hold the bottle, he sometimes tries to eat the wand and, yes, drink the bubbles. There have been battles of wills over control of the bottle. In the end, there is usually a soapy puddle on the ground and a self-satisfied toddler who has moved on to his next activity

Master of Mindfulness

The fact that something so simple can bring so much joy seems typical of childhood. Kids have that innate ability to enjoy simple things. They really are the best at living in the moment and could almost be masters of mindfulness, if they weren’t toddlers. Mindfulness is the concept of living in the present, being in the moment and aware of yourself and your feelings without judgment. As adults, we lose this sense of here and now. Anxiety takes hold or just responsibilities. We have so much to do; we focus on the past and the future and oftentimes neglect the present. Bubbles can bring us back to now.

Self-Care for Mom

I was sitting outside, blowing bubbles as I was instructed to do by my toddler when it occurred to me that I was feeling calm. There was no worry about life and adult things. I was just focused on breathing in and out and blowing bubbles. It got me thinking about the benefits that we’re both getting from a simple activity. We were outside playing, getting  fresh air, and social interaction. He was getting exercise running after bubbles, and I was practicing self-care and mindfulness just blowing the bubbles.

A quick search and you will find tons of activities and recommendations for mindfulness and guided meditations using bubbles. I found that I didn’t need the structure, just the 5-10 minutes with my kid in the yard. The physical action of blowing bubbles requires you to do deep breathing which can also help to decrease anxiety and alleviate stress. As the bubbles float away just watch them go, don’t think about bills or meal plans or laundry, just be in the moment. Bubbles may just be soap and water made with a wand, but they can also be a way to find calm in all of the chaos of motherhood. So the next time your kid requests bubbles, say ‘yes’ and find some joy in them for yourself too.

A native of the New Orleans 'burbs, Melanie has lived in Baton Rouge since starting her bachelors degree at LSU. She earned her BA in Mass Communication and a master’s degree in Social Work both from LSU. In her professional life Melanie focuses on women’s mental health. Melanie and her husband Adam have been together for almost two decades. They have 2 bright and curious kids who keep them on their toes. When not working or moming Melanie can be found exploring yet another new hobby, trying to “get organized” and avoiding the laundry. She loves sitcoms, traveling, iced coffee and carbs.


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