All About Barre

After my second son Ben was born (all 9 pounds 14 ounces of him), my body was less than ideal.  I had gained 70 pounds during my pregnancy with him, and after he was born I wondered if I would ever get my pre-baby body back.  I was especially concerned because my core muscles were extremely weak, and I was having back pain. One day, as I was driving home, I passed The Bar Method.  At the time, the studio had not opened, but I was curious as to what it was and what types of exercises it offered.  I spent a few weeks doing a little research online, and I discovered that it was an ideal workout for pregnancy...

A Run Around Town

I absolutely love to be outdoors! Whenever I have a free moment sans kids, I like to take advantage of the chance to run off the frustrations I face each day as a single, stay-at-home, homeschooling momma -because there are many. The free time to think, breathe, enjoy peace and quiet, get fresh air and sunshine, as well as get your blood pumping...it just makes you feel good about yourself! I don't think I ever appreciated Baton Rouge until I began running. I lived in Houston as a child (one of the many places I have lived) and have always wanted to get back to a "big city". I associated "downtowns" with high-rise offices and a beautiful skyline. I just couldn't...

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Vegan Restaurants in Baton Rouge and New Orleans

Local Vegan Restaurants  Who doesn’t love good clean eating? I have listed below some plant based vegan restaurants that are located in South Louisiana. Some...