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Being a great mother isn’t just about putting the kids first. It is also about pursuing your career if desired, finding free time for pursuing your own hobbies (even if that’s a workout corner at home) and fostering an environment where everyone is comfortable. Of course, it can admittedly be challenging to find time for marriage amidst motherhood, but at Red Stick Mom we aren’t afraid to discuss healthy relationships, divorce, dating and even your sex life. Whether your children were conceived naturally, became a part of your family through adoption or were welcomed after miraculous IVF, it can be hard to stay patient with the kids and our partners at the same time.

At Red Stick Mom, our team of 25+ local Baton Rouge mom writers have a ton to discuss with regards to marriage and relationships, as we all know that good relationships take intention, hard work and many times a healthy dose of therapy.

Keeping your marriage and relationships healthy and fun can be extremely hard, but at Red Stick Mom, we also believe that it is 100% possible with a little bit of effort and a great (and honest) mom community around you. Whether it’s a fun night hanging out at home, or getting out of the house to enjoy one of the best restaurants in Baton Rouge, we understand that sometimes you just need a nudge to enjoy time with your partner.

We’ve got ideas on how to keep a strong circle of friends and family, whether it’s ways to bring new people into your life or how to keep toxic people out of your life. We’ve also got thoughts on how to find time for marriage and relationships while maintaining a tough schedule

The women at Red Stick Mom are Baton Rouge moms who understand the pressure of raising kids while also trying to make marriage work! They are willing to share everything from the book that will change your sex life, to what it’s like to raise kids as a single mom, to navigating grief amidst your marriage and motherhood.  

I've seen it time and time again - the woman scorned. Her husband: a no-good cheater who destroyed their picture-perfect life. This isn't that story. Instead, I was the no-good cheater, the one who would have been branded with that scarlet A. I met my husband when I was 18 years old - a child, one who had been sheltered for a long time before being essentially abandoned to raise myself. He was a gift. I found him when I was rebounding from a toxic non-relationship in the midst of dealing with my younger brother dying from cancer. He was sweet and pure and exactly what I needed at that moment. And once I found him, my whole world revolved...
Friendly Advice Remember when you were getting married or having your first baby and you heard the advice about "Designate one night a week for a date night." I love this idea! Let's do this! Burst my bubble ... that's not going to work for my family of 6 with two full-time working parents. It has actually been months since we have had a date night alone. Maybe March? We do not have grandparents that live in town so we have to rely on a babysitter. So here is how our spontaneous date night went down. ` This week my husband was out of state for work and I was tackling all the family things. Did my husband tell me to take the...
Today has not been a good day. There is no silver lining. It isn’t your fault or any one thing. It is the build-up of so many little things. I’m worn out and drained. I need a break from the constant scheduling of afternoon activities, meal prep, laundry, and daily household chores. I’m sorry I was passive and snapped at you when you tried to talk to me. I know you aren’t a mind reader and instead of explaining to you that I’m overwhelmed and frustrated, I decided to be irritated. Instead of being so very grateful for everything you do for our family, I chose to focus on all the things I wished you had done today. There are days when...
Y’all. The most famous question for newly married couples. I find myself guilty of asking this myself then immediately putting my foot in my mouth. But only after my personal experience with a miscarriage. I found it so interesting that a blogger I follow recently did an Instagram poll asking “is it appropriate to ask couples when they are having kids?” Of course, young me before ever carrying a child, losing a child, and trying for more children would have totally said “YES! Of course, it’s okay to ask. What’s MORE exciting than new life?!” But as I answered no, I was astounded at the number of people saying yes. How dare they think it is okay to ask women about their...
Every day I see posts about encouraging and supporting single moms. And we absolutely should encourage single moms. But somehow and somewhere along the way a false narrative was set out to say that married moms have it all together. Somewhere the misconception began that married moms do not deserve or desire support and encouragement. Well, I’m a married mom and I need these things too. Parenting is hard. Single parenting is hard. Married parenting is hard. Co-parenting is hard. Being a mom is hard! By no means is this post to make light of the plight single moms are experiencing. It is simply to say, please stop mom-shaming married moms when we say we need help. Prior to having...

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