Why We Have Sex (Almost) Everyday

Why We Have Sex (Almost) Everyday

Late last year, as New Year’s Eve was approaching, I read a post about a mom who committed to 30 consecutive days of sex with her husband. Whoa. Seriously?! 30 days? In a row?!

But as I thought about it, I realized that our sex life could definitely use a boost. I know I am not alone, and I’ve been reading about different ways to give your sex life an overhaul. (Spoiler alert :: read that link!) Between work, helping an elementary school kid with homework and chasing around a 3-year-old, our sex life had become almost non-existent. Sure, we did the deed every couple of weeks, but I was really only doing it out of perceived obligation. I didn’t have a reason to withhold it, but I could hardly ever find a way to get myself in the mood, either.

And so, just before we rang in the New Year I had the brilliant idea to tell my husband that beginning now, we were going to have sex everyday. Well, almost … he won’t touch me with a 10-foot pole during that time of the month, but you catch the drift.

My husband, being the testosterone-filled man he is, was instantly in favor of the idea. And so, we began. And while, come the end of February as I am writing this post, we haven’t done the deed every single day – you know because of work trips, illnesses, and life — we’ve probably had more sex in the first two months this year than we did in all of the year prior. And we’re going to continue on with the sex challenge, too.

Here’s why I’ve been getting it on so much these two months and why I think you should take on this challenge, too!

Men Crave Sex

This should come as a no brainer. Men are hardwired to think about and want sex all.the.time. For example, just today, I was in the bathroom getting ready for work. I had just gotten out of the shower and happened to be naked when my husband walked in. He saw me, kissed me, and rubbed his hands on my breasts. I didn’t mind, in fact I thought it was pretty hot, but I joked with him and said, “What are you doing?” And his response, “Those are the only ones I get to touch,” was just more proof that the poor guy can’t stop thinking about breasts.

Having Sex Helps Men Express Their Emotions

One thing that I’ve definitely noticed since we started this sex challenge is that my husband is more expressive. He tells me he loves me more. He tells me I’m beautiful, and he hugs and kisses me more, too. And in fact just tonight as we were, ahem, partaking in the challenge, he told me “You’re perfect.” It’s not that my husband didn’t whisper sweet accolades to me before, but they definitely seem to be much more free flowing these days.

It May Seem Like Work, But Having Sex Everyday is Fun!

Let’s just get real, here. You’re never going to survive a “sex everyday” challenge if you’re choosing to do the horizontal mambo in missionary every night. A sex challenge is all about having fun and exploring, and coming up with new ideas. And I’ll tell you it’s been pretty exciting for us!

I know that sex can be a taboo topic; I mean, come on I wouldn’t even let Red Stick Moms attach my name to this post. But I do believe it’s something we should talk about either here on the internet where we feel safe behind our computers or in confidence with our most trusted friends. And if you ask me, we should all commit to having more sex with our husbands / partners.

If you like the idea of this topic but aren’t sure where to start, think about ordering this book before you broach the topic with your husband. It is a highly recommended and great read to jump start your sex life again.


  1. Glad it worked out for you and all, but seriously- your “unclean time?” That is such a backwards and antiquated notion. I can’t believe I’m reading that in an article published in the USA in 2017. Also, this is pretty focused on your husband, with not much regard to your satisfaction and needs, although they may be being met as well.

    • Chill… maybe she just didn’t want to say her period or “rag” I don’t know what the problem is…

      I don’t know what man really would want to have sex during menstration or even a woman, for that matter. I can’t believe how offended people get about everything.

      • There are plenty of people who have-and enjoy- intercourse during menstruation. Your comment that you don’t know who could possibly want to have sex with a menstruating woman is exactly why “unclean time” made me roll my eyes too. I know the writer is trying to inject humor into a taboo topic but this isn’t middle school. I hope that was a joke that just missed the mark and her husband doesn’t actually refer to her period like that.

  2. I, personally, don’t want to have sex on my period. As a matter of fact, when I started reading this, my first thought was “ugh…everyday…even period days”? So, I was glad when she mentioned that. Though, I didn’t care for the “unclean” thing, I shrugged it off because I got her point. I’ve been sexually assaulted and get offended if my husband walks in on me naked and gropes me. So, that threw me too. But to each their own. I get her drift and think a lot of marriage could use this challenge. I, mean, why not?!

  3. I want you to know that some of us men are fine with having sex during the wife’s time of her period. What I prefer to do is wear a condom and have her lie back on an old hand towel dedicated just for its purpose. It works for us and my wife is okay with it too.

    My wife and I try and have sex every day and it works many times that way too even way before this article. It has been a blessing from the Lord.

    God bless,

  4. The women who reply to this message feeling that “everyday” sounds like a drag are probably the same women that will be in therapy in ten years confused about why their man wants to leave the relationship.
    -from a woman


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