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Louisiana is a popular tourist destination, and Baton Rouge welcomes thousands of visitors a year as a college town. We are often asked “is Baton Rouge kid friendly,” and “what should I do if I travel to Baton Rouge with kids?” The good news is that we have tons of resources for those who travel to Baton Rouge with their family in tow, like the ultimate guide to summer in Baton Rouge and this guide to visiting Baton Rouge with kids. Let Red Stick Mom offer you our tried and true family travel tips, recommendations, and ideas … both for families coming to Baton Rouge and those wanting to get away!

Our Baton Rouge mom writers have been all over the world and are here to recommend easy weekend trips, as well as more extensive vacations to places as unique as Utah! We love sharing family travel tips with Baton Rouge families because we know that it can be overwhelming to plan even a weekend getaway with kids.

Taking the kids to Disney? Here’s what to expect. Maybe you want to travel to Orlando and skip Disney. We share tips for how to do that, too. Or maybe you love Disney and want to take a Disney cruise. Red Stick Mom has been there, done that. Looking for creative road trip ideas from Baton Rouge? We have several family-friendly short distance vacations that are drivable with kids from Baton Rouge.

At Red Stick Mom, we don’t just tell you where to go on vacation but also how to get there and what to expect. We’re not just talking about where to go, we also look at how to get there. Whether you need mom hacks for road trips with kids or advice for flying with a baby, we have you covered.

Some of the most interesting family travel tips are the ideas that Baton Rouge moms have put together for easy road trips nearby. Whether it’s a weekend trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast or hiking Tunica Hills, we are all about locations that are close to Baton Rouge and won’t break the bank. After all, sometimes the family travel tips we need the most are those ideas that are simple and budget-friendly. 

No matter where your Baton Rouge family decides to vacation next or how long you intend to stay, Red Stick Mom prides itself on sharing digestible and useful family travel tips to make planning your next getaway easy and stress-free!

The holiday season is officially among us. And with it comes lots of traveling.  This week, we'll be featuring posts all about making traveling with our kiddos safe and bearable, maybe even fun! I know that we have all been there: you get in the car, back out of the driveway, and immediately your kids start fighting, or whining, or screaming for something that dropped on the floor.  For my kids, it's that they always want to watch a movie.  And I'm all for the convenience that comes with DVD players in vehicles, but I really try to use that for long-distance driving only.  In my opinion, my kids watch enough TV as it is.  Furthermore, when I was a...

Flying With Baby

The holiday season is officially among us. And with it comes lots of traveling.  This week, we'll be featuring posts all about making traveling with our kiddos safe and bearable, maybe even fun! My husband and I recently took a quick family trip – our first with just us three. We have traveled with our baby, now 9 months old, but this time was different: we were flying. All I could think about as the trip got closer was how nervous I was about the flights. Almost everyone has been on a plane with a screaming baby. I certainly didn’t want my baby to be unhappy, and I also didn’t want him to disturb the other passengers. But if motherhood has...
Last month, my husband and I took our baby to the beach for the first time. Almost every summer of my life, my family has spent a week on the Gulf Coast, usually in the Orange Beach/Pensacola area. We rent a condo and spend the week relaxing, swimming, reading, cooking, going out for dinner, and shopping at the outlet mall. It is a week that everyone looks forward to, and this year was particularly exciting because we brought along a new addition: our four month old son, William. I was very, very nervous about taking him. He had never slept anywhere but our house and I didn’t know how he would adjust. He had also been going through a bit...
Traveling is one thing that brings joy to my life. We live in an amazing country that has everything from beautiful beaches to stupendous mountains to grassy plains to chaotic metropolises.  So far our family has traveled to Disney World, the Gulf Coast beaches and St. Louis, but I am determined to expose my children (and myself for that matter) to as much of our country as possible.  I have compiled a thematic list of vacations so that I have plenty of options to choose from when I feel that my children are at the age where they can experience and appreciate different vacations. Adventure Gatlinburg/ Smokey Mountains: A trip for any season. White water rafting during the Summer. Hiking and watching the leaves change in...
After taking my oldest son to Disney at 2.5 while 6 months preggo with our youngest, we knew we’d eventually want to return as a family of 4 someday.  Once the stars aligned and the timing seemed right, we were ready to begin planning our first trip!  Only this time, we were on our own.  Our extended family has always been pretty big fans of Disney, so we’ve always tagged along for the ride while bypassing most of the planning process in previous trips.  This time was different, we were starting from scratch now paying, planning & preparing for it ourselves.  Gulp. Knowing we had a limited budget for this trip, I began scouring the internet for deals, tips &...

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