Co-Parenting: The Remix


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Josiah is my SON … he is my Bonus Son. But he is NOT my Stepson.

Many of you may not know that I did not give birth to my “first born” Josiah. That, however, won’t stop me from swapping the sugar and salt in your canisters. Josiah is so much a part of me that if you don’t know I didn’t carry him for nine months, you just may not know. In fact, you won’t even find my siblings or father calling him “step.”

Of course having a “Bonus Son” means I also have a co-parent. And that is where some would usually grab the popcorn and blanket. But this is the REMIX. Many co-parent stories start with the Wicked Step Mom and Wretched Mom. Not this one. People even tag us in those morbid memes on social media to which we simply choose not to respond. We never ever want to make light of what others may be experiencing. But it is simply not the relationship that we have.

Now before you “Take your horse to Old Towne Road,” hold the reigns. We DO disagree. We are stubborn as two old mules. In some ways, we are as different as night and day. But in other ways, we are like City Cousin and Country Cousin playing in the front yard at Grandmother’s for summer vacation. And it all works for the love of Josiah. Now if I could just get her to stop buying my daughter everything I say she can NOT have.

To those moms that may be struggling with co-parenting, take the gloves off. “Take the Power from the Past.” Don’t allow what did or did not to lay the foundation of your co-parenting. Sip some wine or coffee or tequila (I prefer a margarita myself) and work together. Healthy children come from healthy parents. Laugh together. Cry together. Search for socks together. But most importantly, LOVE TOGETHER. The kid(s) deserve(s) it. Remix this co-parenting thing then add a twist of lime.


Dee Odom grew up in Jonesboro, LA. Dee earned a Bachelors from Grambling State University in Grambling, LA and a Masters from the rival school Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, LA. However, the rivalry only lasts for one Saturday in November, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Dee has a strong passion for public policy, social justice, and cooking. Therefore, it is no surprise that this self-proclaimed foodie met her husband, Chef Brandon while trying a new spot, and ultimately co-founded Odom’s Kitchen ( Together Dee and Brandon have two amazing children. One of the things she loves most about being in Louisiana is providing her children with access to three living great-grandparents. Additionally, Dee and Brandon enjoy entertaining friends and family through food and laughs.


  1. You can give it up, Corrinne will always get what she wants from me. LOL! But seriously thank you for all you do. You have been the biggest help with Josiah since he was 2. I appreciate you even when I am being stubborn.


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