Coffee Accessories :: It’s Fun To Be Extra

Coffee Accessories :: It’s Fun To Be Extra

We talked about ways to save by making coffee at home. Now here are a few things to help make that at home coffee just a bit better, and to have a little fun while doing it.

Better Drink 

Here are a few things to up the flavor in your homemade beverage.

Bean Grinder– if you’re only going to get one accessory, get this one! Grinding your own coffee beans is the best way to get the best flavor in your homemade coffee. 

Aerator-This fun little contraption looks like a little whisk introduces air into your beverage. I like to use it in my creamer/oat milk. It helps to make it seem like I have that coffee shop flair/foam in my drink. 

Electric Kettle– If you’re making your coffee with an Aeropress or French press, or being a bit extra like me and pre-warming your mug, an electric kettle is a great way to get hot, really hot, or even boiling water in a matter of minutes.

Flavored Syrup– Buy it premade from brands like Torani or Monin or make your own by combining equal parts sugar and water and boiling to make a simple syrup. Once cooled you can flavor it however you’d like.

Coffee Accessories :: It's Fun To Be Extra

Better Experience

Some of these accessories are here just to make your coffee making and drinking experience better.

Mug Warmer– The classic mom comment, you never get to drink warm coffee. Get yourself a mug warmer. I love my mug warmer. It allows me to actually enjoy a warm cup of coffee after spending time chasing kids or getting ready for work. They have lots of safety features now, like a pressure sensor to turn the warmer off and on, and can allow you to set a temperature.

Perfect Coffee Cup– This seems so simple, but a coffee cup or mug that brings a smile to your face, reminds you of a happy experience or just brings a bit of joy to your day can make you coffee drinking experience so much better. If you want to splurge, check out the ember mug. It combines the mug warmer and the mug. 

Coffee Accessories :: It's Fun To Be Extra

Cup Collar/Java Sok- Okay, so this one is probably the most “extra” but I don’t care. When I do get that iced coffee from my favorite place I have to use my Java Sok. It is basically a koozie for your iced coffee. It works for most take-out iced cups and even fits a pint glass. It helps to keep your ice from melting and from your hands getting wet from condensation. I also have a reusable “sleeve” for hot coffee.

Reusable Pod– these are great for those single serve coffee pots. You can buy a bag of your favorite coffee and just refill the pod. Better for your wallet and better for the planet. 

Coffee Scoop– I know it seems silly, but buying a coffee scoop made my at home coffee making just a bit more pleasant. I have a stainless steel 2 tablespoon scoop that helps to take a bit of the extra math out of my coffee making.

A Little Coffee Lagniappe 

You’ve enjoyed your coffee and have those used grounds. Instead of throwing them out consider reusing or repurposing them. Used coffee grounds have so many uses! You can let them sit to dry out a bit and use them in tons of different ways. 

Garden-fertilizer, deter pests- Used grounds are perfect for your garden. They contain nitrogen that is great for soil and can deter those pesky garden pests. 

Neutralize odors- in a bowl in fridge, the garbage can, etc

Scrub- make a body scrub or use it as a scrub to get onion/garlic/crawfish smell off of your hands.

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