Dear Kindergartner

Dear Kindergartner, 

Oh, how did we get here so fast? It seems like just yesterday we were wondering how the hospital allowed us to bring you home- no manual or anything. We were clueless, but we figured it out and five years flew by so fast. While starting kindergarten in 2020 has its own set of wild circumstances, the hopes and dreams my heart has for you are unwavering.

 -I pray that you have so much fun. Learning is so fun. There is ALWAYS something new you can learn. Enjoy the learning journey, it should not ever end!

-I pray that you love your teacher and treat her so. Use your manners. She is a safe space for you, bud.  Even if you end up not liking her, she’s still your teacher and we’re still stuck with her until next year, so you still need to be respectful and learn what you can. 

-I pray that school is a safe place for you and you never have to be scared to go to school for any reason.  

-I pray that you are kind to everyone. You don’t have to be friends with everyone, but you can be kind.  

-I pray that you always try your best. You always work your hardest. You always give your absolute best effort. Your best is enough. Mediocre effort will only take you to mediocre places.  

-I pray that you always know that you can bring anything to Mommy. You can always tell me everything about your day. You can be upset about a bad day, you can be worried about tests, you can be excited about fun activities and parties. Mommy is here for all of it.  

The world is yours big kid, you deserve all of the greatness it has to offer, but nobody is going to give it all to you. You will have to work to achieve it.  

Love you the most,


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