Don’t Feel Like Driving? Here Are Some Fun Things to Do at Home

Feeling like having a lazy day, but you want to appear proactive? 

Have you ever had a day where you wanted to have fun with the children but didn’t want to drive anywhere or leave the house? Since Louisiana weather can change throughout the day, here are some ideas for indoor and outdoor activities. I hope you enjoy them.

Mom on couch, 2 boys in front

Indoor Activities:

Grab a large poster board and some markers. Make a poster supporting a cause that your kids care deeply about. Our household recently made one to support the baby sharks. We’re serious about the sharks and dinosaurs but it’s a little late for the Dinos. Bonus points if you make a rhyme to go along with your cause. Your kids will feel great and so will you.  

Get a cake box mix (that’s my level of baking) cake and let your little helpers help make a cake. Embrace the messiness. When the cake is done and cools, let your children have at it with the icing. They’ll be so proud and you’ll have cake. Win/win 

2 boys cooking

If you have older children, dump the piggy banks. Let them count and sort the money. That’s practically a math class. Congratulations!

Grab a ton of paper and collectively write a story. There are so many possibilities. Get the children to illustrate and or write it. Try to have a beginning, middle, and end. Maybe the children could write about an obstacle they have to overcome (like broccoli). Then read it when they’re done. They’ll be so proud.


Have a dance party!! Show your children the popular dance moves from years ago. Let them teach you some new moves. 

Outdoor Activities:

Let the kids help you wash your car. Assign everyone a job. If you spray a few of them, the better. They’ll feel proud and you’ll no longer have “wash me” on your car.

Let them walk around the house collecting plant specimens. Like the grass, weeds, and flowers. Then research them and make a nature journal or shadow box.

Boy and his nature journal

Play the game of tag. This game is endless and so much fun. You’re getting your vitamin D, and the kids are getting exhausted, so bedtime should go very smoothly.

2 boys playing chase

Have a picnic with your children. Find somewhere shady. Just bring your food outside and enjoy each other’s company. 

I hope you enjoyed this list. I hope you enjoy your day and your time with your children.

Have fun!


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