Don’t Forget to Love Who You Are

Don’t Forget to Love Who You Are

You Deserve Sugar 

Not the fattening type of sugar, but the love. Never forget to love who you are. You are the only you. There are billions of people in this world but it wasn’t complete without you. You are amazing. Believe it. Affirm it. 

  1. Cut off the toxic people in your life. They drain your energy and make you so unhappy after you talk to them. Sometimes you may have so much history with them, it’s hard. Sometimes you even see the trauma in them, and it’s so hard not to try to heal them. 
  2. Exercise the right way for your body. Figure out what your body needs and exercise accordingly. Love the skin you’re in. Just be happy, you’re the perfect you. Way too much money is made trying to get everyone to conform. Be happy. 
  3. Eat happiness. Eat what brings you joy. Let your body lead you in the kitchen. Don’t eat too poorly, just happily. 
  4. Make time for the people you love. When the people who you love, love you back, a powerful bond is created. It’s hard for bad stuff to hurt as bad when you’re loved. You’re never alone, even when you are.
  5. Forgive yourself. You can’t control everything or everyone. Do your best to make amends for everything you have done to wrong someone. Never forget that your reputation and integrity are important. When life attacks and people turn on you, sometimes that’s all you have to stand on. But remember to have grace, no one is perfect.
  6. Follow your happiness. Sure you could invent the next iPhone or Google or even Amazon. Maybe you will later, but for today, you follow your happiness.
  7. Share your happiness. Make sure those around you know how their presence is appreciated and how important they are.

Be amazing, stay a loving, happy, human being. They are so many miserable people, don’t be one of them. Live free, love often, and never stop believing in yourself.



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