Drink up, Mom! Teas for Pregnancy and Beyond

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Drink up, Mom! Teas for Pregnancy and Beyond

Tea is taking the beverage world by storm. Some of may think of tea as a proper afternoon break served with scones and crumpets. Others look forward to a big glass of iced sweet tea with their lunch. Tea is also seen as part of a wellness routine, a beverage that’s used as a tonic to ward off illness. Which approach to tea is correct? All of them!

Tea is a big part of what we do at Red Stick Spice Company, and what we love most is that the learning never ends. Tea dates back thousands of years and is a part of many cultures. We’re especially intrigued by the use of tea for wellness. For generations, people have turned to tea for help with headaches, cold and flu symptoms and stomach distress. Our customers come back again and again for refills on teas that meet their wellness needs, and it was customer suggestions and feedback that led us to create and offer teas focused specifically on pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Our Baby on Board tea is blended with the expectant mother in mind. This completely caffeine-free, herbal infusion contains stinging nettle, rose hips, lemon verbena and oat straw. It gets a nice boost of sweetness from mango, locally-grown orange and stevia leaf. Nettle is nutrition packed and contains high levels of magnesium, calcium and iron. Oat straw has been shown to protect the immune system and may help reduce morning sickness symptoms.

Many soon-to-be moms who are ready (or beyond ready) for delivery day visit us to purchase Red Rapsberry Leaf. This herb is shown to help promote uterine health and productive contractions. When should you begin drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea? Good question. First, be sure to talk to your medical professional. Most say it’s safe in the second trimester and beyond. Others recommend that moms wait until they’re at least 38 weeks pregnant.

When it’s time for the post pregnancy adjustment period, with its dip in hormones and mood, many moms benefit from our Baby Bliss tea. This herbal infusion contains oatstraw, Lady’s Mantle, skullcap, lemon balm and lemon grass. Lady’s Mantle is referred to as “happy uterus” tea. It works to draw out excess fluid and ease inflammation. These benefits have caught the attention of IBD patients, too. Some of our patients with Crohn’s and Colitis drink this tea to help calm their irritable insides. This tea provides nice, citrusy hydration, and it’s delicious hot or iced.

Breastfeeding is certainly a beautiful part of motherhood, but it can also be stressful and frustrating. Our Mucho Leche tea is a wellness blend put together especially for lactating mothers. It’s shown to help encourage milk production. Our blend includes stinging nettle, red raspberry leaf, dandelion, fennel, fenugreek, rosehips, anise and caraway. This herb and spice combination has lots of anti inflammatory properties—helpful for soreness. Fenugreek has been used for generations in many cultures to help stimulate milk production. Fenugreek brings the added bonus of flavor! We love fenugreek’s butterscotch notes.

Herbal teas can be cold steeped, so making a pitcher of tea is as easy as loading an infuser and filling a pitcher with water! Herbals can also be resteeped! Simply refill the container with water multiple times. You’ll get lots of mileage from herbal teas. With so many options for wellness and flavor, hydration has never been easier. So let’s raise a glass to mom. Drink up!

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****Disclaimer: This information is intended as a general reference only and is not a replacement for professional health advice from a physician licensed by the American Medical Association.****

 Anne Milneck is the owner of Red Stick Spice Company. The specialty grocery store stocks everything you need to make suppertime delicious including spices, blends, salt, olive oils and balsamics. Their house-blended line of teas are completely unique and offer delicious refreshment with the added bonus of wellness benefits. Red Stick Spice Company hosts cooking classes. Book a private class with friends and family for a memorable night out and a delicious meal.


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