Easter Home Activities For Toddlers

Easter Home Activities For Toddlers

Easter Home Activities For Toddler’s- girl easter egg hunt

Easter is right around the corner. I decided to put together a list of fun at home activities you can do with your little ones. Easter is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with my daughter. I not only love making her Easter basket every year, but also for my husband and I also love to do fun activities with her as well. 


Here’s a list of fun easter activities ::

  • Easter Egg Hunt 

You can do a fun Easter egg hunt around the house. Since my daughter is a toddler, I love to purchase medium size eggs. They’re not huge but they’re perfect to hide little gifts inside which is perfect for her because she loves to open each egg as she finds them. 

Easter Home Activities For Toddler’s- dyed eggs

  • Dying Eggs 

Decorating and dying eggs is one the most fun traditional activities you can do on or before Easter. When it comes to dying eggs, I prefer to use non toxic washable paint. I find that it’s safer and easier to clean up. This is perfect if you have a toddler like me. 

  • Baking 

Making a batch of my famous sugar cookie dough. Baking and decorating cookies is the perfect activity. Rolling out cookie dough and creating bunny shaped and egg shaped cookies makes them festive, along with icing them with pastel frosting and adding different toppings. 

  • Painting 

Since my daughter loves to paint, I thought painting would be a great activity to do. While looking for paint kits, I found a wooden mini art kit that I decided to add to her Easter basket. It comes with a wooden shaped bunny canvas, paint and a brush.

  • Reading 

Every year I add a few books to my daughter’s Easter basket. Before she goes to bed, we always end the night by reading a few Easter books. This is a fun loving way to end your little one’s night.

When it comes to holidays, spending time with your loved ones and making memories is what it’s all about. I hope this list adds some fun to your Easter this year. Happy Easter!

Hi, I’m Ronnie! I’m married to my husband Jonovon and we have a beautiful 2 year old daughter. In 2019 I graduated Esthetician School which is where I gained a love for Skincare. When I had our daughter in 2020 and became a stay at home mom, I decided to start a new craft and started making handmade soaps. I soon branched out to making bath bombs and then I later added body butters. I now have a small handmade Skin & Body care business. I love being a Mom and trying new crafts with my daughter. Fun fact,I am also a pageant mom! My favorite things include spending time with my family, watching my favorite shows and Holiday Hallmark movies. I also love trying new recipes and baking.


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