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Disclosure EyePromise Screen Shield sponsored this post, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

Does Increased Screen Time Affect Eyesight? 

Whether we like it or not, children are getting more and more screen time, both at home and school, now that educational materials are digital. At school, children are given laptops and tablets to use to follow along with their teacher during classwork. In my experience, at least some teachers are administering assessments via the book publisher’s website instead of the traditional paper tests. And while at home, students are often required to complete assigned lessons through their teacher’s website. 

Having educational resources readily accessible online is a great way to aid in learning, but it can also cause eye strain due to increased screen time. Increased screen time has been proven to cause tired eyes, headaches and eye strain.

Since I personally wear prescription lenses, I continuously worry about my children’s eye sight and especially the effect that increased screen time may have on my growing children’s vision.

In fact, my daughter recently failed an eye exam administered at her school, so I’m truly afraid that the increased screen time may actually be damaging her eyesight. She spends hours a day looking at a screen and is often inches away from said screen. Even if I attempt to limit TV time and computer games, the screen time at school is still very likely affecting her eye sight. 

EyePromise Screen Shield Teen

When I received the opportunity to receive EyePromise Screen Shield Teen, it was of immediate interest to my family because of how much time I know that my growing children are spending on devices. I don’t see this trend going away, so rather than fight it, I’d like to educate myself and learn about the options. Eye Promise is a really neat company that appears to recognize the trend that is here to stay and is addressing it head on.

I specially had the chance to learn more about EyePromise Screen Shield Teen, and I am genuinely excited to tell moms more about this unique product because knowledge is power, right?! Screen Shield Teen is a once-a-day, fruit punch flavored vitamin that is designed to naturally defend children’s eyes from the effects of excess blue light that result from computer and phone use. It also helps protect children’s eyes from strained or tired feelings due to prolonged screen time. I love that Screen Shield Teen comes in a chewable vitamin that is GMO and gluten free (those data points are always a win, right?) Screen Shield Teen is made with 100% natural zeaxanthin and can be taken alongside a multivitamin. Despite what the name suggests, it is indeed safe for children as young as 4 years old and can be used for adults, too.

I am truly so happy that there is now a preventative vitamin that helps protect my children’s eye sight since screen time is becoming unavoidable. Even if I make an effort to limit the screens at home, it seems inevitable that the screens are here to stay in educational settings.

I invite you to learn more about EyePromise Screen Shield Teen and visit their social media channels below. And, don’t miss out on $5 off your first bottle of Screen Shield Teen :: just use the code “SST1” at checkout to take advantage of this offer. I am quite confident that most children are likely exceeding the 2 hour recommended maximum a day recommended by this mother and doctor. I know that I am. And the scary part (for me, anyway) is that it’s more likely kids are watching us and following our own behavior as parents with devices, regardless of what we say. Maybe you and I can learn a few tips!

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