Get Your Family’s Immunization Records Right When You Need Them

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by My IR. That stated, we are really excited about this new system that makes it easier to be organized when it comes to immunizations. 

Get Your Family’s Immunization Records Right When You Need Them

Finding the perfect summer camp for your child can be tough, but registering them can be even more daunting. Often times summer camps require immunization records, which can be Get Your Family’s Immunization Records Right When You Need Themtime consuming and tricky to obtain from your doctor. Fortunately, the Louisiana Department of Health makes available MyIR – an online resource for immunization records. 

Using MyIR you can review, download and print your family’s official immunization records online! It’s ideal for summer camp registration, but also ideal for seeing a new healthcare provider, tracking boosters and yearly immunizations, preparing for foreign travel, and even for managing records for an elderly patient. 

Now, instead of worrying about losing paperwork or needing to go through a timely process with a doctor’s office, all of your family’s information can be available with the click of a button! 

Follow these 3 simple steps to register for MyIR and access your family’s official immunization records today :: 

#1. Use your personal computer or mobile device to visit and enter the required registration information. 

#2. Select “AutoMatch” and Click “Next.” If a matching record is found, an access code will be sent to your phone number immediately. Enter the 4-digit access code into MyIR to access your family’s immunization records. 

#3. If your record was not found or you did not receive an access code, please call or visit your healthcare provider to update your information and complete the registration process. In this case, your provider will give you a unique access code to enter into MyIR. 

Learn more about MyIR HERE


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