That Four Letter Word :: Lice

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That Four Letter Word :: Lice

Lice. The bane of human existence. The dirty word that no one wants to talk about. It finds its way into daycares, summer camps, schools. Research says that twelve million children in the United States get head lice each year. Which often leads to them bringing it home to their whole family. So why are we so hesitant to talk about it? Why is there such a stigma associated with it?

Recently, my children got dealt the worst hand. My motherly instincts kicked in high gear as soon as I realized what was happening. A quick email to their pediatrician led to a prescription being sent to our pharmacy to nip it in the bud. THANK GOD for her and her quick response. After a whole day spent combing hair, washing every possible piece of bedding, and letting stuffed animals catch some rays in the sunlight, I think our problem is abated.

Here are a few things that helped us along our journey::

Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb– The holy grail of lice combs. This got every single egg and nit without tears from my kids. Buy it. Save it. You never know when you’ll need it again.

Tea Tree Oil– I added this to all of our shampoo and conditioner as a preventative measure.

WINE– This one is self explanatory.

Patience– This one’s a bit harder to come by. You’ve just got to find a way to have it. It’s a process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Muster up that patience mama!

That Four Letter Word :: LiceIt’s something we don’t like to talk about but it happens. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Nothing to be ashamed of. When our kids interact with other kids, it’s almost inevitable at some point. All we can do is hope and pray and treat it.

It’s annoying, it’s gross, it’s not fun at all but like most stages in parenting, we get through it.

Sara Hodge
Sara is the proud mother of four children and 3 cats. Born in Baton Rouge, she grew up in Ascension and decided to settle down in her hometown of Gonzales. As the mom of two children with congenital heart disease, she's passionate about raising awareness for the cause. In her rare moments of spare time, she enjoys reading Stephen King novels, spending all her money on Amazon, and scrolling through TikTok. You can usually find her cruising the streets listening to 2000's emo, being her children's personal chauffeur.


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