Fear is Killing Us

We are a generation of people who like to live in the known. We are a spoiled generation that doesn’t have to worry or wonder where our next meal will come from, we don’t have to worry or wonder where we will go if we get sick, even if we lose our jobs we don’t have to worry or wonder if the government will swoop in and provide assistance to pay our bills and feed our families until we are back on our feet.

Until now. Until Covid-19 made everything uncertain.

Fear has made us unable to make rational decisions. Fear has clouded our once educated judgment. Fear has paralyzed our ability to process the facts from the experts.

Fear of not having a job and a paycheck. Fear of disappointing your family and supervisors.
Fear of the inconvenience of “shutting down.”
Fear of suffering.
Fear of sacrificing materials, but not of sacrificing the millions of human people who are actively dying from this virus.
Fear of looking in the mirror and knowing you could have changed the outcome for somebody or several somebodies by just staying at home for 2-4 weeks.

There is no manual, there is no “right thing.” There is only the lesser of all the not great, not ideal, really shitty choices.

I am scared. I am scared of a loved one getting this virus and dying because they made a poor choice that was fear-based. I am scared of how to explain all of the senselessness and irresponsibility to my littles. I’m scared that my last interactions with people outside of my house may have been the actual last interactions I ever get. I should have gotten one more hug and said “I love you, you are a beautiful blessing in my life.” I’m scared that this will be our new normal if more people can’t swallow their fear and make better choices. Swallow the fear and do better so we can all move past this. Do better so our recovery rates will increase and our mortality rates will decrease.


We are the most educated humans to ever be. We have the most knowledge available at our disposal. We can do better. We can make smarter choices. I know we can.


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