Finding Happiness in the Imperfect

I recently read this quote talking about living in the moment and how we all need to embrace life and live. Typical feel good quote to look at and scroll on past.

But for some reason, this one stuck out and hit me in a different way. I lay in bed that night thinking about how I was (or really wasn’t) living my life. Blame it on COVID and spending day in and day out doing the same things. With nowhere to go and having everything around me being canceled, I had been feeling sad for myself. Sad that when there was something to look forward to this year, it wasn’t happening. But that night it clicked with me that I was wasting what time I do have. This simple quote had me thinking about how some people (myself included) have been looking for the moment when this COVID phase would be over with, that happiness would find us again.

Thinking even more than just these past six months, I realized that at times I have thought that once I accomplished X, Y, and Z; my life would then suddenly start. I remember thinking back that once I got married and had a child, I would feel grown up and life would really start for me. How untrue that all really is.

It’s because of this COVID “free time” I have found clarity that whatever phase of life you’re in, IS YOUR LIFE.

Our lives are happening all around us, regardless of the circumstances we’re dealing with. It’s what we are doing with our time, living through these moments that seem so imperfect that our lives are unfolding. Life happens in all the moments between meal time, nap time, and errands. Life still happens when events are canceled and life is rearranged in every which way. COVID has been a lot to handle. It’s been months of unforeseen events that I never knew we would deal with during this era. I’ll be thrilled once all of this craziness is over, but I do believe we all will look back on this time with some good memories, too.

I want to think I will remember the months’ worth of homemade meals. The times I had with my family because we weren’t busy with things outside our home. Yes, I will remember the schools being closed, missing my best friend’s wedding and all the time we will never get back. But after finding some clarity in all this noise, I will be living out my life regardless of what is in my way. My life is still happening and passing by, I want to be focused on the joy of it. The joy that is made in all of life’s big and small moments.

How will you focus on enjoying your life? Regardless if COVID is still trying to ruin it for all of us.

Charlee Conner
Charlee moved to Baton Rouge from the mountains of Park City, Utah just 5 years ago. She has been married to her husband Jeff for 11 years and is a stay at home mom to their little boy Rockwell, age 6. Between carpool, sports, trips to the park; you can find her trying to get in a good workout, shopping at Trader Joe’s, or helping out in the community as a member of the Junior League of Baton Rouge. Charlee is a lover of beauty & fashion, travel, hosting guests, cooking, and having a good laugh with friends. After struggling to conceive and rounds of IVF, she continues to contribute to the awareness of infertility. Her family loves catching movies together, grabbing dinner at local spots, or packing up and heading on a getaway any chance they get.


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