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As LSU Football season approaches, I felt that it was appropriate to share a little bit about my family’s unusual relationship with LSU.

My mother has always been an avid football fan. She exudes a lot of passion while watching football on TV or in person, it truly does not matter the team, although she has her favorites. I have fond memories from my childhood of trying to fall asleep and hearing her scream for dear life at the TV and not because there was a murderer in the house. She not only supported the teams with such fervor, but also the band. Whether we were at local high school football game or a parade, she supported and cheered for the band with the same amount of gusto as the team.

Our family never really followed LSU football like the diehards in Baton Rouge, until I had my son. When he was around two years old, he saw a video of the LSU Tiger Band and from that moment on our lives have never been the same.

While watching the video, he immediately began marching around the house like the band with all of his toy instruments. He could not get enough! It was almost like he wasn’t just watching the LSU band; he was studying them. He learned the chants, the songs, the rhythms, the cadence, the formations. Y’all. It was unbelievable. I thought the marching band would be a phase, but that Halloween my mother made him an LSU Band Costume. He wore it everywhere and even to bed! He had the LSU Band birthday party … two years in a row…

His life was forever changed when we learned that the Tiger Band practices for three hours on the practice field at LSU before they walk down the Hill on game days – and it is open to the public! He wore his full costume and hat, of course. This dude was living his best life!

Now, the 4-and-a-half-year-old little guy is still wearing the LSU Tiger Band costume, still practicing the songs and formations, but now he is desiring to learn more about music. He wants to be able to play instruments “for real” rather than humming and making accurate trumpet and tuba noises throughout the house. Guys…when I say accurate, I mean it! This hobby of his is truly astonishing.

It is typical for us to hear of kids that have obsessions with Barbies, cars, Disney characters, superheroes, etc. but this was an obsession that was very unexpected and of his own doing – but we were happy to foster his innate love of music. We read books about instruments, watch videos about marching and drum majors, and we found a music teacher willing to start teaching him piano this month!

I want to be a supportive parent and never push my child to do anything he doesn’t want to do, but I feel like it is my duty to recognize his gifts and talents and help him foster his passion. It is so crucial as parents to always love and support our children. I have many fond memories of my parents supporting my own passions and hobbies. These obsessions or quirks or passions that our kids have could be something that shapes their entire life. So let’s foster our kids passions, no matter how unusual!


  1. I love that you saw something in the child and supported it, without judgement. You recognized a passion and a drive that came from within HIM, one that was not forced onto him so you, or someone else, could live vicariously through him. Kudos to you! As a former LSU Tiger Band bass drummer (86-88), I always used to let kids hold a mallet and strike my drum. It made me smile how each time they would say it was louder than they though it would be and that they could feel the vibrations. LSU fans are special and one of a kind but the little ones brought up surrounded by purple and gold are even more precious. Kudos to you and your family for nurturing his passion!

    • Thank you so much! All we want to do is love and support our children!
      He was invited to march down the Hill with the Tiger Band on November 23rd for the Arkansas game – he is THRILLED!


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