Gluten Free King Cakes in BR and Where to Find Them

IT’S HERE! King cake season is upon us, and both grocery stores and bakeries alike are stocking their shelves with the most delicious southern sweet treats of the year. And just in time, too, influencing us to cheat on our New Year’s Resolutions, piece by delectable piece.

Some of us have to be extra careful when indulging in these scrumptious sweets. Whether we have a medical condition preventing us from spoiling ourselves with decedent desserts, or we are restricting our choices because we are sticking to rigorous diet routines, we are begging for healthy alternatives to arguably the most coveted cakes in our city. Be sure to check out the Mardi Gras Guide for a list of all parades and activities, grab your king cake, and laissez les bons temps ruler!

Gluten free king cakes are difficult to come by, but Baton Rouge offers some surprisingly scrumptious options for us. Keep reading to find out where you can order and buy gluten free King Cakes this season.

(Note, these cakes are gluten free, but if you have a gluten allergy or Celiac Disease, please call the locations to ensure the cakes are prepared in a gluten free environment):

Photo Credit: Eloise Market & Cakery

Eloise Market and Cakery

Eloise Market & Cakery offers 2 options for a Gluten Free King Cake: a traditional cinnamon and a new Vegan Cream Cheese Filling, and these cakes are custom baked to order. Just off of LSU’s campus on Lee Dr., it’s a convenient location and an opportunity to support a local business for less than $50.

Address: 320 Lee Dr Suite D, Baton Rouge, LA 70808

You can call to order at 225-223-4153 or order online:

Photo Credit: Magpie Cafe

Magpie Café

Magpie Café, located just off of LSU’s campus at the Perkins Overpass area, offers an 8” paleo/gluten-free king cake option that is made to order. With a cinnamon pecan filling, this cake costs around $65 and needs to be ordered 72 hours in advance.

Address: 3205 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70808

You can call 225-366-6885 or order online at:

Photo Credit: CounterSpaceBR


CounterSpaceBR is located on Jefferson Hwy near Bocage. They offer a full size gluten-free king cake that have raving reviews.

Address: 7575 Jefferson Hwy Suite D, Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Order by calling 225-456-5002, or you can order online at:


Bakin’ Ya Crazy

Bakin’ Ya Crazy, while a little outside of Baton Rouge, is another option when ordering a gluten-free king cake. These can be ordered mini size, regular, or large, giving you options for your crew.

Photo Credit: Eat Fit King Cake

Eat Fit King Cake

Eat Fit King Cake | Ochsner Health has also launched a gluten free, grain free, low carb, zero sugar, keto, dairy free, all natural king cake, and they’ve named it the Eat Fit King Cake.

Last resort, you can make your own!

While time-consuming and not as quick as picking up the phone and calling a bakery, here are a couple of recipes that are proven to be yummy and gluten free:

1. Laura Fuentes’s delightful recipe can be found here: Laura Fluentes recipe

Photo Credit: Gluten Free on a Shoestring

2. Gluten Free King Cake for Mardi Gras! A 5.0 star review cake recipe can be found here: Gluten Free on a Shoestring

Happy hunting for the perfect gluten free cake! Cheers to the Mardi Gras season and our wonderful bakeries that meet our gluten free needs!

Note: Every effort was made to verify this information is correct, but I encourage you to contact the locations directly to ensure availability.

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