Halloween Costume Ideas To Stretch The Budget

Halloween Costume Ideas To Stretch The Budget

I kind of hate the idea of a single use costume. It seems like spending money on something that will be worn just once or twice is such a waste. I try to find a way to create a costume out of something we already have, or that can be used well past Halloween

Halloween Costume Ideas To Stretch The Budget

Halloween Costumes that had a Second Life:

Clark Kent

Superman’s alter ego is an easy costume that won’t break the bank. 

What you need: 

  • -Superman T-Shirt (purchased from Target and it was worn for literally the next year…If you’re crafty you can make your own with some vinyl, a blank tee and a cutting machine.)
  • -Khaki/Navy Pants (already owned)
  • -White button up shirt (already owned)
  • -Dollar Store Sunglasses, lenses popped out

Halloween Costume Ideas To Stretch The Budget

Styling: The Superman t-shirt is worn with the white shirt unbuttoned over it. Add the dark frame glasses and you have an easy, no fights with a grumpy toddler, recognizable costume/character. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, add a Daily Planet press pass. 

Total New Expenses: $10 (for the Superman shirt and the glasses)


Mickey/Minnie Mouse

Halloween Costume Ideas To Stretch The Budget

What you need: 

  • -black long sleeve t-shirt (already owned)
  • -black leggings (purchased for the costume, but worn for the next 6+ months)
  • -red shorts (already owned) /pink dress
  • -sticker paper, felt, headband

Styling: I used the sticker paper to make “buttons” for the shorts. The felt was used to make shoe covers (yellow for Mickey or pink for Minnie). Another option is to use shoes you already have. I used black felt and made ears & attached it to a headband. For Minnie, replace the red shorts with the pink dress and add a bow to the ears. 

Total New Expenses: $11 (I had to buy the leggings and yellow felt for this one)

Tiger/ Daniel Tiger

  • -Orange PJs (you can find them here or here)
  • -black felt
  • double stick fabric tape
  • -tiger ears/or headband and orange felt
  • -red jacket (if doing Daniel Tiger)

Styling: I did have to buy orange pjs so it was an initial investment. I cut out the tiger stripes and taped them with the fabric tape, they peeled off easily after Halloween and we had a set of pjs to wear. If you size up, you can get even more use. 

Total New Expense: $25 

I loved making my kid’s Halloween costume.

And really liked not having to spend a lot on a one time use item. I found a lot of inspiration, ideas and items here.  I do realize that as kids get older it may be harder to do these types of costumes, but I’ll take the budget break while I can! 

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