HO HO HO “You’ve Been Jingled” (FREE printable included)

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Party Time, however the words and photos are my own.

HO HO HO “You’ve Been Jingled” (FREE printable included)

Now that we’ve gotten past the jack-o-lanterns and the turkey, can we finally just say MERRY CHRISTMAS and HO HO HO?! I have lots of respect for those other holidays but now it is time for Christmas to shine. Anyone with me? To bring in the Christmas spirit, we have partnered up with Party Time to bring you a Christmas version of “You’ve Been BOOed” and we are so excited for it! This is the perfect new tradition to add to the mix and a sure way to get the entire neighborhood into the holiday spirit.

“You’ve Been Jingled” is a fun holiday tradition that the whole family can get involved with. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it is a neighborhood game where one neighbor creates a basket filled with Christmas treats, secretly leaves the basket on a neighbor’s doorstep with the “you’ve been jingled” sign explaining how to play, then rings the doorbell and runs out of sight! (for reference- the sign asks each neighbor to put the sign in their window letting others know they’ve already been jingled and to pass the game along to two other neighbors.) And now you’ve just completed your first “You’ve been Jingled”! So fun, am I right? As the days pass by, it is so magical to see all the signs in the windows and all the holiday cheer being passed around.

To start off our neighborhood “You’ve Been Jingled” we printed out a FREE printable from Party Time and went into their store off Blue Bonnet to see what goodies we could find for our neighbors. They have so many goodies in stock from wearables to décor to baking goods to gift wrapping and so much more! Here is what we picked out to begin our jingle basket:


One of the easiest way to get into the holiday spirit is by wearing holiday cheer. Headbands, earrings, socks, ties, shirts, you name it and Party Time carries it. I picked up a necklace, missile toe and a headband for our jingle basket. Mom, dad, sister, or brother can wear any of these items.

Little Somethings for the Kids

These two paper activities are the perfect way to jump start their holiday magic. The placemats are perfect for the kids Christmas table setting or if you just need a moment to drink your coffee hot, pull out one of these and throw some crayons at them! And of course, everyone needs to write a letter to Santa and this Santa pack has everything you’ll need. Party Time has an entire aisle of the most precious trinkets for children just like these.

Family Togetherness

The holidays are a time to come together as a family and enjoy each others company. What better way to do that than spend some time in the kitchen together? I grabbed everything needed for creating this precious pull apart cupcake Christmas tree. This is the perfect activity for the entire family.

Put it all together

When you’ve gathered all the content for your basket, you’ll need something super cute and festive to put it all in. And Party Time carries that too. They are truly your one stop shop! I grabbed this precious multifunctional snowman bowl, that can also be used as the mixing bowl for the cupcake, and put everything inside and wrapped it all nice and secure with a cello wrap. Add the “You’ve been Jingled” sign and our basket is ready for delivery!

These are just a few idea of what can go into your jingle basket. Check out Party Time for more ideas!

We hope that by joining in this holiday game, it brings you much joy, laughter, and Christmas cheer. What a “fantafablous” way to “Christmasfy” your friends and neighbors.

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