How to Cope With This Unusual School Year

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How to Cope With This Unusual School Year

Remember when the biggest challenge this time of year was battling crowded stores and lines to buy school supplies?

Back-to-school this year is like nothing most parents have ever seen. You and your children are the first class in a vastly different model educators had to create in mere months.

However, there are things you and your family can do to prepare for, talk about and cope with these unfamiliar school days.

Know the Latest on Returning To School

Listen to the latest ParentingU episode featuring pediatrician Dr. Chris Funes and pediatric infectious disease specialist Dr. Michael Bolton sharing their insight and expertise all about returning to school during COVID-19.

Keep up with vaccinations and well visits

Your child should see their pediatrician regularly, who can address minor issues before they become medical problems. Dr. Michele Flechas explains the importance of protecting your children. 

Help your kids find balance

We’re still learning the ropes of school in a pandemic. To adapt and thrive with distance learning and school attendance will require families to find and maintain balance. Dr. Aimee Ferrell offers some tips on helping your children find that balance.

Teach your kids how to protect themselves

Getting kids to maintain social distancing and to keep their masks on can be a challenge. Our Lady of the Lake pediatric specialists provide valuable tips on talking to young children  and how to support older children and teens.

Click HERE for more back-to-school tips from Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health.

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