I am a Warrior!

Hello, heart patient. What are you doing in a Warrior Dash?! Has your cardiologist given you clearance for a 5K?!? Yes!! (That’s me in the front.)


It’s been almost four years since my aortic dissection, ( you can read about my story here www.myhearthasastory.wordpress.com) and almost a year since my last 5K.

I’m still tired most days, but upcoming events seem to give me a boost of energy. You know how planning your vacation can be just a fun as the actual trip?

I want to safely live life to the fullest. Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us, but I am reminded of that every day when I see the open-heart surgery scar on my chest in the mirror. My doctor has encouraged me to continue low-impact exercise, and to stop immediately if I feel uncomfortable. I’ve never been the gal in the cross-fit gym, but I feel like I’m too young to commit myself to the couch. Walking is great for my heart health as well as my overall fitness.

Not too long ago, the Warrior Dash was held just a few miles away from my house. I promised myself that I wouldn’t push my physical limits, but I desperately wanted to participate. It was awesome! Most of my friends walked the trail with me, and I did every obstacle with no problems. Nothing could describe the feeling of finishing that course with my family cheering me on at the finishing line. Yes, I took the next day to rest and recover, but I was really proud of my body.

Image 15

Since then, I’ve walked the 1-mile Capital Area Heart Walk with my family and the Color Run 5K with my two oldest children. What a fantastic feeling of accomplishment to share with my kids!


I plan to live my life to the fullest, physical limitations and all. I would never jeopardize being a mother, but I also won’t be parking in the handicapped spot anytime soon. I’m looking forward to Warrior Dash 2016!!! For those of you who are ready to be a Warrior now, there is a local race coming up at the beginning of October – check it out!

My number after I cleaned up after the race.

Which local races are your favorites to attend?

Christie is a stay-at-home mom to 3 gorgeous kiddos, Logan (7), Audrey (5), and Brianna (3). She was born and raised in Baton Rouge and finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at LSU. She married her handsome hubby in 2006 and started a family in Saint Francisville, LA. Christie started blogging when she had a traumatic life experience in 2011. She lost a twin baby girl and began to heal by telling her story at www.myhearthasastory.wordpress.com. Homeschooling, photography (www.kikipix.com) and volunteering are this mommy’s passion and she is ready to share with other moms in her community.


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