It’s Back to School in Our Household

It’s Back to School Time

I always feel a little anxiety as school begins for the fall. My oldest starts first grade!! He was just a baby. A new teacher, a new grade, and so many hopes and dreams. Will the teacher like my son? Will my son like his teacher? Will he enjoy his classes? Am I prepared for the fall? Is my son ready to go? I always have to sit down and make a checklist. I’ll share my list with you.

A boy leaving for school on his first day

  • School Uniforms: How many do I have? Do I have enough for the fall and winter? (There will be spaghetti day.) What’s the jacket situation like? Do we need new shoes and a new book bag? Is monogramming needed? 
  • School Supplies/Supply fee: Could I be misinterpreting the supply list? Is colored paper the same as construction paper or is there a new brand name for regular paper? (This has happened before.) Do I have at least everything they asked for? Have I sent a check for the supply fee? When is that due? 
  • Transportation: Will he take the bus? What time does the bus pick up and drop off? Where is the stop? Can parents wait at the stop? Can parents wait at drop-off? Should I drop him off? Where’s the drop-off location at the school? Do I need a special sign?
  • Breakfast: What will my child eat? Is there anything special I can make for their first day of school? My children are very particular about their food. 
  • Packing a Lunch/Snack: I make a list of 5-10 different meals that don’t require any school preparation. I try to make sure there’s protein, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruit. The vegetables will probably come back home but at least I tried. 
  • Grade Appropriate Workbooks: This reinforces what is going on at school. I try to have toys and games to accompany the lessons. 
  • Blank Notecards: These are for the sight words/spelling words. Notecards and Sight Card Bingo work the best for us when it comes to memorization.

Kindergarten Orientation

  • Fun Afterschool/Weekend activities: These could be sports or just fun adventures that aren’t necessarily education-based. Something that lets my kids feel special with little to no stress on them.
  • Schedule book: This is to keep track of activities and birthday parties. I try to put alarms on my phone but a schedule book certainly helps.
  • Teacher & School’s information: I don’t feel comfortable until I have a relationship with the teacher. I want her or him to know I will do whatever it takes to help my child and support their classroom. I need the school’s information in case of an emergency. 

Kindergarten CakeAs long as I have my list, there’s not too much I worry about. Education is important, although I miss my oldest tremendously when he goes to school.


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