It’s Grandparent’s Day!!

It’s Grandparents Day!!

What a wonderful day to celebrate. Without grandparents, I would not be the woman, the wife, mother, friend, and human I am today.

Let me tell you about my grandparents. Both sets of my grandparents all lived in southern Arkansas. They were from Mount Holly and LouAnn, Arkansas. They were collectively the kindest, most thoughtful people I’ve ever met or been loved by. The only exceptions being my parents.

My parents are wonderful grandparents. They are the epitome of love. I’ll never forget the day we surprised them with the news we were expecting Jack. They were so happy and excited. They were also elated with the news of Jacob’s impending arrival.

My parents have been incredible grandparents. They have been in the hospital awaiting the boys arrival on their birth days. When we were getting close to the boys’ expected arrival dates, my parents came down to help us get ready for the boys.

My boys know that whenever they call, their grandparents will be there. When Jack or Jacob (our youngest) has an important event or day approaching, my parents come down to celebrate with him. The boys get so excited to see them. My parents enjoy celebrating every milestone with their grandchildren. The boys get tons of hugs and stories. They even dance with my parents. (This is huge considering only 5 people have ever hugged Jacob.)

Jack associates birthdays with his grandparents. They make a huge deal of each birthday and half birthday milestone.

Jack and Jacob make it known that they prefer their grandparents house, food, and storytelling to their parents. We can’t be upset because we agree.  Their house is always fun. There’s always something amazing to do. Our favorite food is always waiting. My mom always has a wonderful story to share. It’s the best.

God made grandparents to show us His love.


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