Christ in Christmas :: Gifts Your Christian Friends and Family Want

We all know there are those Christmas gifts that your grandma or great aunt gives you every year… like an old school picture of Mary and Baby Jesus, a Rosary from the mail (cher maw maw and her mail Rosaries), or another devotional book that will be stacked with your other unread devotional books. Thanks to social media and the lovely people creating unique and desirable items that are fun and fashionable, but also Christian centered, we can say goodbye to the 70s devotionals (no hard feelings, most are filled with good nuggets of truth) and hello to authentic Christmas items that we will love to give and receive!

I wanted to share a few awesome artisans and shops with you that I’ve discovered through word of mouth and social media to keep Christ in Christmas:

Norman Faucheux: Sacred and Religious Art – Louisiana local, unique and gorgeous Religious pieces like prints, prayer cards, ornaments. I promise you have seen nothing like it! Truly sacred and magnificent art.

Mimosa Handcrafted

Mimosa Handcrafted – local Louisiana jewelry artisans, good good peeps, and what your wife wants for Christmas. Specifically any piece (like any and all pieces from their entire shop are what your wife wants for Christmas) from their Pelican collection would make a wonderful Christmas gift! The pelican is deeply rooted in Louisiana culture and Christianity. Legend has it that to prevent starvation, the mother pelican would pierce herself with her beak to feed her babies with her blood. The pelican became a symbol of Jesus sacrificing himself on the cross. The pelican was made the official state bird of Louisiana for it’s generous and nurturing attitude toward their young.

Just Love Prints – a wife and mother who wanted to spend more time with her family and do what she loves, create! Prints, stickers, lovely items – now this is a woman we can get behind! Love her little temporary tattoos and they would make a great gift for the kiddos…but really for you because they are real cute.

Sock Religious – need some festive Nativity scene socks for Christmas service? They got you. Your husband and sons will be the talk of Church with their holy rockin socks!

Stella & Tide – beautiful dainty Catholic jewelry that does not break the budget! Simple classic pieces that can be layered and paired with anything. All of their suppliers are local and everything is handcrafted in Florida.

Colors by Natalie – local Louisiana artist, wife, and mother creating gorgeous abstract and Religious art reflecting the Glory of God! Truly. Natalie has a GIFT! My personal favorite is Our Lady of Guadalupe, but seriously every single thing she creates is golden.

Studio Senn – artist, wife, mother who creates eclectic prints like Princess Saints, Studio Saints for Children, Abstract series, enamel pins, and modern Sacrament cards. Her shop houses perfect Christmas gifts for nieces, nephews, Godchildren!

Santa Clara Design – prints, tees, stickers, gifts designed “to strengthen your faith and bring you joy!” There is really something for everyone in this shop.

Z-Artista Designs – local Louisiana artist alert! Beautiful Rosaries that will make Maw Maw forget about her free mail Rosaries. God bless her.

Casey Hilty: Artist, Writer, Speaker – this beautiful Louisiana wife and momma creates precious water color, acrylic, hand-lettered prints and even Bible Studies for moms. Like a real legit Bible Study, y’all!

Chews Life Shop – teething toys that even baby Jesus would love …and necklaces for mom too!

There are of course hundreds of wonderful small business shops that we can write home about and I wish I could have listed them all (I literally had to cut myself off) because they are worthy to be known!

What are some of your favorite Christian/Christmas online shops?!

**no devotionals were hurt in the making of this post.


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