Let’s Celebrate Black History Month

Let’s Celebrate Black History Month!!

We celebrate Black History Month the entire month of February. It’s so refreshing to learn about our history. This gives us a chance to celebrate who we are, study those that came before us, and investigate historical patterns. We learn about historical events that shaped the world and those that are hidden. We learn about leaders and their sacrifices. 

Carter G. Woodson was devoted to showcasing the contributions of Black Americans. In 1926, he launched Negro History Week on the second week of February to coincide with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln (12th) and Frederick Douglass (14th). Woodson’s concept was later expanded into Black History Month.

Every year for Black History Month, my boys and I choose a topic and decide on a project. We invite you to do the same.

Let’s Celebrate Black History Month!!

Each year we choose something different. When my oldest was 8 months old, I took pictures of him with objects/materials around the house that were invented by African Americans.

The next year, we traveled around the city to see historic sites of Black history. One of my favorite projects was a Black History Museum with clay figures (not to be confused with our alphabet dioramas with king cake babies).

Last year, we made a map of historical places to visit in the United States. I’m sure it’s only a partial list. We usually make an alphabet book as well. Although, one year, we made a book about my dad instead.

Here are some activities (that my boys loved) for Black History Month:

Let’s Celebrate Black History Month!! Baby with Books

  1. Read some books about Black heroes … from Serena Williams to President Obama, the options are endless.
  2. Read about events and discuss them. Read about Ruby Bridges’ bravery, the peach trees in Natchez, or the French port.
  3. Dress like one of your heroes and take pictures! Maybe perform a play or recite a quote from one.
  4. Travel around your city and take in the historical sites. Some will be harder to view than others. For example, the interstate was built over some of the historic Black communities. (Not to mention reservoirs).

Let’s Celebrate Black History Month!!

5. Every single day, learn a new Black history fact. For example, who was Mansa Musa? 

Let’s Celebrate Black History Month!!

6. Decorate a box after Henry “Box” Brown, and every single day, place a toy or food as a surprise for that day during Black History Month

7. Visit local Black-owned establishments.

8. Write letters to living heroes!! 

I hope you all enjoy Black History Month as well. It’s a time to learn and celebrate a colorful, loving, and resilient people. 



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