Lighten Up that Laundry Load:: Local Laundry Services

Does anyone love doing laundry? Maybe you have an organized system to stay on top of the daunting piles brought in by both children and adults alike. Until recently, laundry was a never-ending task for me. As soon as I thought I had a handle on it, shock overcame me as I peeked into the closets only to be met with overflowing bins! How can tiny humans produce such large piles of dirty garments?

I decided to research local laundry services. I knew the concept existed; however, I did not know much about the process. Baton Rouge has many options available to meet your laundry needs. Whether you want to retire from the job completely or send out some of the laundry to make the task more manageable, help is available.

Below are 4 laundry services in our area:

  1. Cyclone Laundry & Internet Cafe

Shout out to my favorite laundry service!!! Cyclone is locally owned by Damon Levy who goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. If you choose to use the delivery service, Damon will often be the one delivering your laundry. Cyclone charges by the pound for their laundry service. They offer both a delivery service or, to save money, you can drop off and pick up your laundry at their storefront located near LSU on E. Boyd Drive. The level of service provided by Cyclone is second to none. Each item is sorted, washed, hand folded and returned neatly organized in a laundry bag.

Approximately thirty pounds of laundry. Simply place outside your door for pick up.

Cyclone has a ten-pound minimum for all laundry service. Ten pounds of laundry is approximately twenty dollars. I send out roughly thirty pounds a week and have significantly reduced the amount of time I spend in the laundry room! The cost for one full bag of laundry is equal to dinner out for my family of five. Since I am not busy doing laundry, I have more time to plan meals!

Cyclone is one of the oldest laundry services in our area, so they have the process down to a science. They also offer dry cleaning, have a storefront and phone number to call with any problems.

  1. The Laundry Van

The Laundry Van offers services very similar to Cyclone Laundry. They also charge by the pound with a fifteen-pound minimum. Prices are as follows: 

Wash and Fold Drop Off $1.25 – per pound 

Wash and Fold with Pick Up and Delivery – $1.80 per pound (recurring service) or $2.00 per pound for a one-time pick up 

All pickups are scheduled through an online account with clothes being returned the next day. If you choose to drop off and pick up your laundry, their storefront is located on Oneal Lane. They also offer dry cleaning, have a storefront and phone number to call with any problems. 

  1. J.D. Duz Laundry & Cleaners (Phone: 225-752-0760)

J.D.’s is located at 14027 Perkins Road and offers a drive-thru laundry service. They do not offer a pickup or delivery service. Simply pull into the drive-thru lane and hand over your laundry. They will wash it and have it ready for pick up on the same day. The price is $1.20 per pound with a ten-pound minimum. J.D.’s also offers a dry cleaning service. Particular about laundry detergents? Bring your own detergent and they will use it to wash your clothes. 

  1. Hampr

Hampr is a unique service relatively new to our area. Hampr was created by a Louisiana mom who grew tired of doing laundry. All done through the Hampr app, laundry is scheduled for pick up, chosen by a washer, washed and returned to your doorstep. Washers bring your laundry to their own home to be washed. Pricing is as follows:

Membership – $39/per year for a membership and laundry price is $10/per load (a load is the size of a 13-gallon kitchen bag)

Pay as you go – Use the service as needed and pay $15/per load with no commitment

Hampr completes background checks on all washers, and their equipment must meet the standards and size requirements set by Hampr. Hampr does not offer dry cleaning, has no storefront, and no local number to contact with questions or concerns.

As you can see there are many, many things to consider when using a laundry service. Using a delivery service will be more expensive but incredibly convenient. Want to save a few dollars? The drop-off or drive-thru option may be best for you. If you are not ready to commit to a recurring service, perhaps you can utilize the one-time service before committing. 

Are you willing to give it a try? 

Ashley Gravois
Ashley is originally from Thibodaux, La. She moved to Baton Rouge in 2005 to attend graduate school at LSU where she received a master’s degree in social work. She has been married to her wonderful husband, Taylor, for 15 years and they have 3 daughters Raegan (14), Julia (8) and Sadie (2 going on 20). Ashley worked as a social worker in the medical field for 10 years before taking a break to be a stay at home mom. Life took a very unexpected turn when her husband was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2019 which fueled her passion for rare disease awareness. She is co-founder of the non-profit Garage 10 which provides financial assistance to individuals with rare diseases. Ashley loves family, faith, friends, date nights, coffee creamer, exercising and quiet moments amongst the business of life.


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