Listen To Them

Listen To Them

Listen To ThemIf your kids are like mine, they don’t stop talking until they go to sleep. They go a mile a minute. There’s never a dull moment. You can ask me anything about superheroes and Sonic the Hedgehog. I know all about Cody’s dog in Jacob’s class. He was bitten by a snake this weekend! I know Jack’s friend AJ loves chocolate dinner mints. My kids never stop talking to me. 

Most of the talk is about their favorite superheroes, planets, and monster trucks. But sometimes they tell you something you really need to know. It’s usually layered under other more mundane topics. A game of Would You Rather reveals so much.

If you keep listening to them, you’ll find out so many critical things. 

You’ll find out about their new interests. Things move fast in childhood. My oldest loved dinosaurs but they’re being replaced by Pokémon cards. What they’re curious about and what they want to do. (Maybe your child will grow up to be a ninja.) 

I’ve found out who their closest friends are and what makes someone a good friend to them. Which ideals are important to them. I know who they play with at recess, who makes them feel accepted, and who lets them express themselves. 

I’ve even found out who hurts their hearts. Who won’t play with them at recess or share their toys. I’ve even found adults that have been mean to them. That’s the hardest to hear.

Listening builds a bond that’s difficult to break so far. They feel like they can trust me with their 4- and 7-year old secrets. I’ll do my best to keep their trust.

As they grow up, I want them to know that they can always talk to me, their mom. 

Listen To Them Listen To Them Listen To Them  Listen To Them


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