Waco, Texas Is a Fun Couples Getaway

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Waco, Texas Is a Fun Couples Getaway

Last year when the new year started, my husband and I decided for our five year anniversary we wanted to go on a trip. Waco, Texas was not on our radar. Initially, my husband wanted to go to San Francisco and do all of the touristy things as well as just “go big” for our anniversary and our first long trip away from our daughter since she was born. However, as the year went on and December got closer and closer, I just didn’t want to have to plan a big trip and the work that would need to go into the planning seemed exhausting. I wanted a getaway but something that would be low key and seem almost homey but away from home. I have always been a fan of Fixer Upper and Joanna and Chip Gaines and have always seen pictures of other fans visiting The Silos in Waco, TX. So, last-minute (and I mean last minute in November) I decided that I wanted to go to The Silos! When I first brought this up to my husband, he didn’t say no. So what does any wife who receives the answer she wants to hear do? She doesn’t ask twice and books the hotel!

The first week in December came, and we were off to Waco, Texas! We decided to fly to Austin instead of Dallas and then drive over to Waco. We stayed at a hotel in Austin, TX and experienced Austin for a couple of days before driving to Waco on Saturday where we were lucky enough to experience Christmas at the Silos! We didn’t plan to go this special weekend as some people do from all over the world, but we were lucky to have been there the same weekend as this special event. When we arrived at Waco that Saturday, we decided to have breakfast at Magnolia Table “where everyone has a seat at the table.” I was extremely impressed at the level of customer service that was given as soon as we arrived. The employees know you are coming to visit this special place, and they treat you as if you are at home. Chip and Joanna thought of everything. While we waited for our table, we were able to enjoy the patio area they have set up for you with both heating capabilities and fan capabilities for any and all seasons. In the patio area, there is also a cute little coffee food truck that sold coffee, tea, lattes and some of the baking goods from Silos Baking Co. When we arrived at our table, it was just as I imagined from seeing it on television plus a lot of character brought to you by all of the little décor details as well as the friendly staff and their personalities while serving you. We enjoyed our breakfast there in a small amount of time because they served as fairly quickly and then we walked around outside taking pictures of all of the small and big details they put into the restaurant.

Waco, Texas

After breakfast, we drove just a little ways down (i.e. a few streets and a few turns) to arrive at the infamous Silos in Waco, Texas. We started with shopping at the store, which is an immediate double door entry to your left when you walk through the entrance. In the store, we experienced anything and everything farmhouse Christmas you could think of. They also had their staple items for sale like the kitchen décor, candles, candlesticks, metal signs, leather signs, leather handbags, etc.  Anything you need to make your home feel like an episode of Fixer Upper, be my guest to come shop here. The prices are reasonable on the items but you could easily do some damage by grabbing a little bit of everything. I was very proud of myself to not do too much damage but I also knew I couldn’t go overboard since we were flying back. The good thing is they ship from the store or you could shop online!

shopping at The Silos

We then made our way to just walk around and enjoy everything outside had to offer. The great big open area for kids to run around, more outdoor vendor shopping, food trucks and so many places for great pictures may have been my favorite of the place. It was nice to be away from all of the hustle and bustle of the other visitors and just enjoy the place with my husband. We also enjoyed the Seed and Supply area that has the cutest little garden and garden shed to walk through.

On our way out we noticed the food trucks that were there were starting to open up but unfortunately we were still full from our delicious breakfast. We decided to not force lunch down just because and instead enjoy the Silos Baking Co. on the way out. There was a slight line here but it moved very quickly. Inside of the shop my eyes were bigger than my stomach because I love sweets. However, my husband and I both decided each on one treat to enjoy together on the way back to Austin in the car. The bakery has some staple items but they also switch out recipes for seasonal items. I enjoyed a gingerbread cookie sandwich with lemon cream cheese icing in the middle. I wish I would have taken a picture of this but I was too busy enjoying every bite slowly on our way back wishing I would have bought two.

sweets at the Silos

Even though the Silos were great, spending time away from our little girl for just this short time was much needed and so unforgettable for both of us. Now every time I hear or see a magnolia, it won’t just remind me of Louisiana but it will remind me of the memories my husband and I made in Waco, Texas at Magnolia Market at the Silos.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I wanted to let you know that the Tiger Bakery has gingerbread like cookies with lemon in the middle. I just had one last week when I went there for the first time. I didn’t ask what it was because it looked so much like an oatmeal cream pie that I assumed it was. But it was very good! Thought you should know in case you were craving it! 🙂


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