Milestones with the Last Baby

My reactions to milestones are so different between my first child and my last. I love them both so much. I never thought I could love anyone as much as I do. Jack, my oldest, and Jacob, my youngest, are my little precious blessings. 

With my first, every time Jack did anything, I was so excited and amazed!! My heart would skip beats. I would take dozens of photos that I would put in one of his three baby books, which I handmade. I was a new mom and completely inexperienced. Every day was full of amazement and joy. I was/am full of joy watching him grow from a baby to a little boy. Jack was a fun baby and is an amazing child.

With my second, every time Jacob does anything, in addition to being excited and amazed, I was a little sad sometimes. I would think, “my last baby is growing up before my eyes.” I’m faced with the reality that one day, I won’t have little boys anymore. His growth is a reminder to embrace every moment I can with everyone, that life won’t and can’t remain the same. As each chapter closes, my heart swells with the possibilities of the future, while reminiscing about the past.

Last week, my youngest, Jacob, started preschool. I was not ready. I think he was ready. I’m still in shock. He’s so little and he cries when he gets dropped off. That breaks my heart. But he says he has four friends now so I’m so happy for him. 

I so loved the time I had with both Jack and Jacob at home all day with me. But nothing gold can stay. I pray for their protection. But three hours a day at school should go fast, I hope.


Hold your babies close. They won’t be babies for very long.


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