Mom Hack: Tooth Fairy Edition

Okay, we’re gonna get real here. The Tooth Fairy, like all other childhood magic, is in your hands. You get to set the parameters and all the rules! In our house Santa Steak is a Christmas Eve must, we love the Elf but she isn’t behavior-based, oh and we have a Spider Bunny that makes an occasional appearance for Easter.

All that to say, buckle up, because what you choose to do for that first tooth goes in the history books. You’re in charge of setting the stage. Are you going to glitter dollar bills for 8 years (or more if you have more than one kid), are you paying $5 per tooth (done that math?), are you reaching under pillows in the dark of night after crossing Lego Lagoon?

Here’s the down and dirty of how we Fairy at our house:

Tooth Pillow: We had ours made because, well, I have really talented family. And very opinionated kids. Etsy wasn’t gonna rescue these requests. In doing so, we had a ribbon added to our pillow. GAME CHANGER. Because now the pillow is hung on the bedpost or even the doorknob! Y’all. No sneaking and digging under pillows! Easy exchange.

Pricing: What’s the going price of teeth in your house? Growing up, we got fifty-cent pieces for our teeth. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to continue that tradition. After some discussion, we decided on fifty-cent pieces for teeth & golden dollars for molars aka Pirate Money. When Kid 1 announced with great pride, “My toof is loose!” I had to kick it into high gear. I hit a couple of banks and acquired all the 12 fifty-cent pieces & 8 gold coins. This keeps us from scurrying at the last minute for tooth ransom. And I can keep a coin in my wallet for surprise vacation losses–cause IT WILL HAPPEN. So whatever you choose to do, make a Fairy Stash and hide it wherever you hide all the things! You’ll thank me later.

Set the Rules: My kids vary in their tooth loss habits. Kid 1 often wants to wait a day or two before the Tooth Fairy comes, Kid 2 not so much. Sometimes text the Fairy to tell him or her to wait a few nights. (I can also communicate with Santa & the Easter Bunny since they DO need my final approval on all gifts. Like puppies or obnoxious toys). This also allows me to convey certain changes (hello, vacation tooth loss) when they arise.

Be Careful What You Start: To be honest, when I went to put that coin in after the first tooth, I was a little sad I wasn’t spritzing a dollar with glitter, or writing a cute tooth note. Later a friend posted a tooth receipt she found on Etsy and I CAVED. It was so cute, y’all! and I hopped right on the computer and happily spend three dollars. Instant hit! However, last week when Kid 1 lost her tooth on a road trip I had a mild panic attack. I had tooth ransom, but I didn’t have tooth receipts! Now, I got lucky because Kid 1 is the waiter, she wanted Dad to see her tooth so I had to text her fairy (yes, my kids have different fairies) to ask her to hold off on collection.

Traditions: When I was little, I used to write my Tooth Fairy with just about every tooth (my poor parents). We got fifty-cent pieces instead of dollars. The internet adds so much to the tooth game these days, just remember YOU control the narrative. Not everyone has the same Tooth Fairy (did you know in some countries they have a Tooth Rat?!?). Fairies get to exchange teeth for a variety of monetary values. Want to glitter money? Go for it. Want special Tooth Fairy stickers to add? You do you. Just know that whatever you start, you’re gonna continue for a while so choose wisely.

Trix Raney
Trix started her life in Georgia after living in Myrtle Beach, Tahoe City, and Nashville, her (now) husband wrangled her into a life of Bayou living here in Baton Rouge. She’s the mother of six; a vivacious 9 year old, a curly haired 6 year old, their hurricane of a youngest 4 year old, and 3 sweet babes taken far too soon. She’s well versed in potty humor & innuendos while perfecting the art of sarcasm on the daily. When she’s not busy living the home school life, complete with yoga pants & coffee she is running her business Rane or Shine Designs.


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