More Moms Saving Time with Video Visits

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More Moms Saving Time With Video Visits

As a busy pediatrician, Dr. Chris Funes is as adept at comforting moms and dads as he is at treating their children.

A growing number of Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group patients are using video visits to see their doctor.

Such was the case recently for a mom worried about what was causing her child’s fever, vomiting and rash. It didn’t take long for Dr. Funes to diagnose the commonplace viral infection hand, foot and mouth disease.

It was welcome news for the mom – especially since she didn’t have to leave home to get it. She had scheduled a video visit, connecting with Dr. Funes over a video connection from home.

A growing number of Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group doctors are seeing their patients this way, and it’s proving to be an easy and popular way to see their own doctor rather than someone they don’t know.

“We’ve got 80-year-old patients using this platform,” Dr. Funes says.

Video visits cut out the majority of time it takes to see the doctor because they eliminate the hassle of driving, parking and waiting in an office. More than 140 pediatric providers within the Physician Group now offer video visits.

To schedule one, parents simply call the doctor’s office and schedule it as they would an office visit. Later, at the appointment time, the parent simply logs into the MyChart app on their phone or computer and clicks a link to connect with their child’s doctor. The process is the same for adult patients of Physician Group providers.

Telemedicine was a novel concept just a few years ago. Now, hardly a day goes by without a video visit on Dr. Funes’s schedule.

In pediatrics, video visits are especially useful for:

  • Children whose condition doesn’t require an intensive physical exam
  • Children diagnosed with anxiety or attention deficit hyper-active disorder or who require routine check-ins and medicine checks
  • Medically fragile children who risk becoming ill from contact with other sick children in a doctor’s office waiting room

However, video visits aren’t available for most respiratory conditions, well-patient visits or for first-time patients. But most appointments can be done via video, Dr. Funes says.

And in the near future, parents will be able to use a web-connected device that allows their doctor to peer into the child’s ears or throat.

To learn more about Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health or to find a pediatrician for your child, visit us online.

Dr. Chris Funes of Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health is board certified in Pediatric Medicine. His offices are on Goodwood Boulevard.

Our Lady of the Lake Children
Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health is a collaborative, coordinated and child-focused statewide health network that provides patients with more access to physicians and providers specifically trained to care for children. The freestanding Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital will open in Baton Rouge in October 2019.


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