Motherhood is a Sisterhood

I don’t think that any woman realizes how or all the ways her life is going to change when she becomes a mother.

Your brain becomes this storage space for everyone else’s needs and wants. You are the one that makes mental lists and physical lists of the things that need to be done. You grow the capability to somehow know where all the “missing” items are in your house. Items you never use or touch. Your brain goes into overdrive and you’ll lay in bed at night listing off the things you will do or finish in the morning.

You’ll tell yourself that you need a break and you’ll sometimes get those breaks. But guess what happens? You still think and worry about your family in your absence.

But there is great news in all of this being said. You’re definitely not alone.

You are now part of the motherhood sisterhood. The club that all members have been where you’re at. You’ll find the sisters in the carpool lines at school, holding onto their lifeline of coffee. You’ll see the friendly ones smiling at you while you’re hustling through the grocery store checking off your list. You’ll find the helpful sisters that will lend you their extra snack or give you the reminder texts about deadlines. It’s these ladies that you need to give your attention to. These are the ones that are giving you the motherhood sign of solidarity. The little gestures to tell each of us; I see you, I am you, and mom you got this.

You’ll eventually enter new phases of the motherhood sisterhood where you’re more on top of things than another mom. But that’s where you step up to become her beacon of light. You’ll need to send her off with the same small gesture of solidarity that got you through your own trenches. Because without one another, how else are we to survive this?

Charlee Conner
Charlee moved to Baton Rouge from the mountains of Park City, Utah just 5 years ago. She has been married to her husband Jeff for 11 years and is a stay at home mom to their little boy Rockwell, age 6. Between carpool, sports, trips to the park; you can find her trying to get in a good workout, shopping at Trader Joe’s, or helping out in the community as a member of the Junior League of Baton Rouge. Charlee is a lover of beauty & fashion, travel, hosting guests, cooking, and having a good laugh with friends. After struggling to conceive and rounds of IVF, she continues to contribute to the awareness of infertility. Her family loves catching movies together, grabbing dinner at local spots, or packing up and heading on a getaway any chance they get.


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