Mox Shoes :: Your Feet Will Thank You

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by Mox Shoes. All opinions stated are truly my own. 

Mox Shoes :: Your Feet Will Thank You

Shoes are my favorite accessory to any outfit, and I am always looking for comfortable shoes that add a little color to my wardrobe. I do not wear heels regularly … you could say I am not the most coordinated of gals. The two requirements to find shoes that will become a staple in my wardrobe are comfort and style. 

When given the opportunity to try out Mox Shoes recently, which I had already heard about from my dear friend Ericka, I jumped on it because I was excited to try them. These flats have a cute basket weave design, and there are so many different color options to choose from that you are sure to find one that you personally love. Living in Louisiana, we always need breathable shoes and these looked like they would hit all of my requirements. An added bonus, I learned during my research that this is a mom-founded company. I always want to support #momboss where I can!

I chose the Emerald color because I am a sucker for any jewel tone. Maybe it is the crisp (but still warm) fall feeling in the air, but it also seemed to me that Emerald would match most of my wardrobe. The best part is that my Mox Shoes were shipped and at my door quickly. I first tried them on after standing in heeled boots for family pictures (WHY do we do that to ourselves?) and then immediately wore them to run errands and take the kids to their favorite restaurant, Chick Fil A. My feet thanked me. As I imagined, the Mox Shoes were comfortable for the day of errands and chasing my kids around! 

I even paired them with some cute skinny jeans and a sweater for a date night with my husband last weekend. I felt cute, comfortable and stylish! I appreciate the pop of color that these shoes offer to my sometimes (mostly black) wardrobe. As I am attempting to work towards a capsule wardrobe, these will be a good addition to my shoes. These shoes are priced right, are comfortable, and even add a little flair to your wardrobe! I still want some purple ones …. can we say Game Day Perfect?! Geaux Tigers!

Want a pair of your own Mox Shoes?

Find them HERE on the Mox Shoes website and use the code “RED2017” for 10% off until 12/21/2017! 

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Also … don’t believe me yet? See what my friends at our sister sites in Lafayette and New Orleans are saying about these Mox Shoes, too!

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