My Goal Was Six Months … I Nursed for Three Years

Happy Breastfeeding Week!!

I never thought it would be me. If someone told me that I would nurse my youngest little heart exclusively for a year. Then continue to tandem breastfeed until he was 3, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Jacob, Jack, Mommy, and Daddy

I delivered my youngest, Jacob, at Women’s hospital. They were very encouraging when it came to breastfeeding. They had a lactation consultant that came by with helpful tips. The lactation consultant even answered many of my questions. Breastfeeding went so well in the hospital.

The day after we brought Jacob home, nursing took a turn for the worse. Have you ever slapped your pinky finger in a car door? That’s exactly what nursing felt like. Then I started having contractions. I was pretty sure I’d already had my baby so what was going on?

Mommy and baby

I called a lactation specialist that let me know that was normal. As long as the pain dissipated after 30 seconds, it was fine. I didn’t think I would be able to continue on my breastfeeding journey at that point.

When my oldest, Jack, was born I tried to nurse. As I gazed at his big, beautiful eyes, I willed the milk to come in. Between the pain and the lack of milk, it didn’t work. Finally, my husband fixed Jack a bottle and when I gave it to him, he calmed down and rested peacefully. Although I tried (for 18 months), it did not happen. Jack had bottled formula. I was determined to nurse Jacob (if I could).

Little baby ‘Meet Jack’

To my astonishment, Jacob latched successfully and appeared full. As a gazed at him sleeping, I hoped we would be able to make it to six months. That was my goal.

We made it to three years. Jacob has never had a bottle. If it wasn’t for the support of my family, friends, and the ability to call a lactation consultant at any time, I would not be able to say that.

It’s been a wonderful experience. We’ve bonded with all of our nutrient-exchanging cuddles. As I look at both of my boys, both fed entirely differently, I’m so thankful to be their mom. Jack showed me that no matter how much love and dedication you have, sometimes it’s not going to work. Jacob showed me how wonderful it feels to be able to physically nurture your child.

Mommy and her 2 boys

5 stars, highly recommend.


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