My New Favorite Holiday Tradition :: The Holiday Movie Drinking Game!

In my family, the holidays are steeped in tradition.

Every year, we set up my husband’s porcelain Christmas village that he got as a child (but NOT, thank goodness, the Nutcrackers) The tree MUST be up no later than the day after Thanksgiving. And, though we paused it during Covid, the annual trip to New Orleans for Celebration in the Oaks is a must.

For the past fourteen years my husband and I have exchanged ornaments that represent something about that year, a tradition we now share with our kids, who also eat their Christmas morning cookies, just like I did as a child. And, it just wouldn’t be Christmas Day without milk punch and my grandmother’s spinach.

No question. I love every single holiday tradition we have.

But….I might have found my new favorite: The Holiday Movie Drinking Game!

What is this, you ask?

Only the best time to be had by all!

Let me explain.

Last year was rough and the holidays, though still wonderful, were also a bit of a downer since we stuck to fairly strict pandemic protocols and didn’t really leave the house.

I was having a bit of a sad day, when I happened to be scrolling through a Facebook Group I’m in and noticed a woman had shared a poster she’d made featuring rules for a Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game.

My eyes grew wide and my heart fluttered. I felt just like Jack Skellington when he stumbled into Christmas Town…

What’s This?!

So, that Friday, after the kids were tucked into bed, and armed with a vague set of rules, I approached my husband with my idea.

At first, he was hesitant…corny Christmas movies aren’t really his jam. But, we’d both been fans of drinking games in college and it’s not like we were doing anything else.

So, I pulled up the rules, poured us each a glass of wine, and queued up the most ridiculous holiday movie I could find on Netflix—A Knight Before Christmas (which, btw, is about a medieval knight who gets thrown through time and space by a witch to find himself in Small Town, USA with Vanessa Hudgens. Highly recommend.)

It. Was. Magical.

The movie was ridiculous in the best way and my husband and I were along for the ride,   searching for ugly sweaters, arguing over what constitutes a “near-miss kiss,” wondering why Vanessa Hudgens had so many winter coats and where she stored all of her Christmas decorations when not in use (because, seriously, she would need a warehouse.)

It was the best date we’d had in a VERY long time. My husband and I were silly and playful and just engaged with each other like we hadn’t been in a while.

We were hooked.

From that point on, our weekend activities through New Year included at least one round of the Holiday Movie Drinking Game, and as soon as December 1st rolled around this year we brought it back.

And, honestly, I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

So, if you are looking for a fun at-home date night or a festive night with friends, I HIGHLY recommend grabbing a beverage of choice and starting the holiday streaming!

Here are the rules my husband and I use when we watch, but absolutely feel free to make up your own. And it’s still fun even if you aren’t drinking alcohol. You do you!

The Rules:

Drink When…

  • Character’s name related to Christmas
  • Reference to a dead relative
  • Hot cocoa, cider, or eggnog
  • Candy canes!
  • Snowball fight or ice skating
  • Adult bonds with an unrelated child
  • Ugly Sweater or tie
  • Baking, Caroling, Tree Trimming
  • Big City Person in Small Town
  • Widow/er or Single Parent
  • Scenic Snow Vista
  • Precocious child/pet
  • Gratuitous dramatic exterior

Take 2 Drinks When…

  • Outsider partakes in an old tradition
  • Near-miss/almost kiss
  • “Magical” Christmas item
  • Snowing on Christmas
  • Mistletoe!
  • Santa/Angel in disguise
  • Snowed-in or Flight Canceled
  • “Big Event” saves the day!
  • Montage
  • Someone says, “But, it’s Christmas”

Finish Your Drink When…

  • The cynic is filled with the Christmas Spirit
  • The protagonist leaves town, only to return at the end
  • Community Tree Lighting Ceremony!
  • The movie ends with “The Kiss”

I’ve also included a fun printable of the rules below. Enjoy! And Happy Holidays!

Click HERE for a printable version of the Holiday Movie Drinking Game!


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