My Top 4 Baby Products for Saving Time and Avoiding (More) Stress

When it comes to motherhood, I still consider myself a rookie. My girls are 1 and 3. So, as instructed by thousands of articles, viral social media posts and the old lady at the grocery store, I am enjoying this time and soaking in their sweet littleness.

Still, as we approach toddlerhood for the second time, I like to think I have this whole newborn thing figured out. Don’t tell my husband I said that. Every time I mention being even slightly ready to have another, he looks like he might puke. Apparently, my pregnancy are “hard on all of us.” [Insert eye roll here]

I remember building my registry when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I asked all the other young moms I knew about car seats, swaddles, bottles and baby monitors. I drooled over the adorable smocked dresses (that were MAYBE worn once…for a single picture) and felt overwhelmed at the endless list of things I, at the time, felt I needed.

Then, our precious baby girl joined us, and I struggled to avoid tripping over all the junk we collected as I paced back and forth during those exhausting night feeds.

The truth is, no one can stop you from building an obnoxiously large registry. It’s your right as a new mom to try it all for yourself…before realize you have NO CLUE why you’re warming up your baby wipes or rocking, swinging and bouncing your little one in three different devices all day long.

So, for all you first-time moms out there, here are 4 products I highly suggest you add to that big registry of yours. They’re practical, maybe a little gross and…pretty dang life-saving.

1. Baby Bum Brush

I literally just Googled “butt spatula” to find out the name of this miraculous product. Thankfully, I got the result I was looking for, avoiding the possible disturbing alternatives I might find. 

This thing is necessary. It’s a silicone diaper rash cream applicator. That’s it, but it’s so helpful. There are few things more frustrating than trying to apply rash cream with your finger or a baby wipe as your child practices her WWE moves. 

Avoid a huge mess, and get this thing!

2. NoseFrida

The NoseFrida is a literal snot sucker. Its description online calls it “your go-to natural, hygienic baby booger buster.” All I can say is…I, too, thought it sounded disgusting. In fact, it is pretty nasty. Still, when your baby can’t breathe well enough to nurse or sleep, you’re going to do what you have to do. Nothing out there works better than this thing. My husband is a pediatric resident and regularly recommends it to his patients’ parents. 

3. Zippers

This one is a little broad, but it’s vital. I would be betraying all of our readers if I didn’t tell you to AVOID BUTTONS AT ALL COSTS. 

Until you know the level of exhaustion those first few weeks will bring, you can’t really understand how it’s possible to feel such hate for those tiny round fasteners. 

You will be changing diapers every 5 minutes (well, it feels that way) and regularly waking in the middle of the night to feed your little one and…change her diaper. So, save yourself some frustration and some damn TIME and always look for zippers!

4. SlumberPod

This one is a little more glamorous than the others, but I had to tell you about it. I recently received a free SlumberPod to review for the baby and toddler sleep consulting company I work for, and I was blown away.

Sleep is a priority in our house, and that means we will do absolutely anything to make a room more conducive for solid naps and a full night’s rest. I’ve spent longer than I’d like to say taping paper blackout shades to windows when on vacation with our girls, and even then, it’s always a struggle sneaking in and out of the room.

SlumberPod is a portable privacy pod that fits over pack n’ plays and mini cribs, providing babies with a totally dark environment that mimics the one they are used to at home. The founders were actually on Shark Tank! It’s incredible for room sharing on vacation and proved to be a real game changer the first time my husband and I shared a room with both of our girls.

There is a pouch on the inside for a camera, and their newest model even has an insert for a fan. I highly recommend this — especially if you will travel often with your child.

Mary Grace Pinkard is a mom of two precious girls, Harvey (2.5) and Palmer (5 months) and wife to Chad, a physician currently in his pediatric residency at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital. She’s originally from Laurel, Mississippi, and attended the University of Georgia. After college, Mary Grace worked in public relations and advertising. While she now stays at home with her girls, she’s a certified sleep consultant and the social media director for The Cradle Coach, a baby and toddler sleep consulting company serving families worldwide. She doesn’t know exactly what she enjoys doing in her spare time because "spare time currently doesn’t exist"…yet, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Mary Grace is all about sharing her motherhood moments with zero filter, embracing the messy and connecting with other moms through the raw and the real (sometimes hilarious) struggles motherhood brings. If you're looking for sleep tips, be sure to follow @thecradlecoach on Instagram!


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