Our New Favorite Way to Keep a Pool Clean? :: Pinch A Penny

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Pinch A Penny.

Our New Favorite Way to Keep a Pool Clean? :: Pinch A Penny

I think we can all agree that swimming pools and Louisiana summers are a match made in heaven…am I right?! Our 100 degree days have us longing for a snowball and a dip into ANYTHING that will take away the misery that is a hot August day. As for me: a legit obsession. 

The hangup? Taking care of those suckers.

It’s no doubt that swimming pools are great AND that they are work. They are sparkly and blue and cool and a freaking sanity saver for parents everywhere BUT pools cannot maintain themselves, and that’s a fact. The key to a beautiful, clear pool that you can enjoy all summer long? MAINTENANCE! Your go to spot to make maintenance a breeze? Pinch A Penny Pool Patio & Spa.

Located conveniently off S. Sherwood Forest Blvd., Pinch A Penny is locally owned and operated and offers a one-stop shop for pool and spa supply needs with one of the most complete line of pool chemicals, maintenance equipment, as well as parts and accessories available anywhere! In addition, they offer the best games, toys and floats (we’re looking at you, dads)!!

Now, back to maintenance. Have you had issues with keeping the algae off the bottom of your pool or cloudy water that just wont clear up? I raise my hand high as I admit we were on the clear pool struggle bus this summer. Regular pool maintenance will truly make or break the experience of owning a swimming pool and pool care can be simple as long as you follow the “ABC’s” of Pool Care! These tips are a lifesaver if you own a pool, print them out and stick ‘em on the fridge!

In addition to the ABC’s, be sure to maintain your pool’s cleanliness and sanitation by ensuring there is no green algae, no dirt on tiles, and that the overall pool is clean and neat. No matter how many times you skim or vacuum a pool, if the filter and chemicals are not maintained, the pool water is dirty…resulting in a not-so-fun weekend pool party.

The biggest tip I can give? If you don’t have time to tend to your pool, call in a professional. Pinch A Penny is just a phone call away and offers residential cleaning and repair services. Another fun fact? Pinch A Penny is part of the nation’s largest retail pool, patio and spa franchise (open since 1975!) so they REALLY know what they are doing!

Ready to get some help with your pool or spa maintenance?

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