No More Toys That Need Batteries, Please

I say it every year, “My child doesn’t need any more toys.” But you know what, I lied. Seeing my little two year old use her cute little imagination at her play kitchen, or playing mommy to her millions of dolls that she has scattered all around the house gives me so much joy. So hear me out, I will buy ALL THE TOYS that keep her imagination running wild. But what I will try (my hardest) not to buy are those annoying toys with all of those lights and sounds.

I have shared that viral post twice, if not three times, that was something along the lines of “if you want to buy my kid a gift for Christmas, give an experience instead.” I get it and I believe that as well. A month of tumble time at school, swim lessons next summer, cheer tuition when she starts in August of 2020 — absolutely.

But is it bad to add a disclaimer, “you CAN buy her a gift under the condition of it doesn’t make any noise and have bright blinking lights?”

Sure, I may care about the mess in the future, I may complain when I step on one of those big puzzle pieces with the handle but in the end, my child enjoys playing with them so much. As she puts her baby to sleep in the play crib or walks them to school in her play stroller, she looks likes she’s having the time of her life. It’s those moments I truly love seeing. And the best part about these toys that don’t require batteries … they last forever. There are toys I had when I was a toddler that my grandfather kept in the attic that still work just fine for my daughter today — strollers, dolls, play kitchens, even a little tykes car. Of course it is old and needed a little cleaning up once taken out of the attic, but all in all, it does the job.

Now, I am sure some people are judging me. But still — hear me out. As she grows out of toys or simply just doesn’t use them, I will just donate them. I sure there is a grateful child out there who would appreciate a barely or gently used toy. I may even keep a few in the attic for the next baby (no time soon) or so she can pass down her toys. As she gets older, this may change but for now please, I beg of you, no toys that require batteries.

Monique Douglas
Monique is a single mother to her 2 year old daughter Maisyn. She was born in New Orleans and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is a graduate from St. Joseph’s Academy then attended and graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication. She also has a Master of Arts in Education/Adult Education and Training. Monique is employed at H&E Equipment Services as an Instructional Designer. She has been coaching cheerleading for over 10 years and handles communication for Louisiana Cheer Force. Monique enjoys shopping, spending time with her daughter and doing Yoglates which is all talked about on her blog,


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