Pandemic Is Hard For SAHM’s Too

Disclaimer: I am in no way diminishing the feelings or thoughts of others, just sharing my personal feelings.

As a SAHM, one of my jobs is to entertain and teach my children. I keep them busy and educated through enrichment classes, story times, and play dates. I am what most would consider a go-getter kinda mama and I will not deny that. When we aren’t at school or speech or ballet or karate, you’ll find us at the zoo or the park or the museum … you get the idea. My kids and I are happiest when we are busy and surrounded by our friends and family. So when I got a message the other day saying something along the lines of, “isn’t this what you do all the time?” Almost as if to say that I am prepared for this pandemic and am not affected by it because I “do this all the time.”

I think I speak for most SAHM’s (stay at home moms) when I say this is just as hard for us too. Although, maybe yes, we do entertain our children on a daily basis more than someone who is not a SAHM, it is SO much for than that and is still not easy for us and here’s why.

Social Distancing

No outings? No big group hang outs? No Chick Fil A playground? Being trapped in the house with 3 adventurous souls is not how we are used to spending our days! This is not what we do every day. Socializing is a huge part of being a SAHM. We are around incoherent children for the majority of our days so getting out of the house and getting in that human interaction is what we thrive on! I have young children who do not understand why suddenly they cannot go to school with their friend or the zoo, although I’ve tried to explain it as elementary as I possibly can. My son woke up on day one of practicing social distancing asking where we were going that day. It’s not easy to tell a routine originated 4-year-old that we can’t go on an adventure today or tomorrow, not even next week.

We had to prep too!

We are not prepared for this pandemic just because we are SAHM’s. I went out to the store and stocked up on groceries just like everyone else. I had to fight the same crowds, stand in the same long lines, and leave several stores empty handed- just like anyone else. I had to plan out activities and restock our arts and crafts supplies. Being a SAHM did not prepare my pantry for this pandemic. SAHM’s still have to prepare their hearts for all the big emotions our children are feeling due to so many sudden changes. We, too, have to prepare our homes for the potential fact that our husbands may be out of work or maybe be stuck at work. Preparations are made just as much as the next home.

Change is hard for everyone.

Especially change of this magnitude. I, too, am dreaming of normalcy. I am dreaming of the day we can go to Chick Fil A and run off some energy while indulging in Jesus’ calories. I dream of the day we can visit grandparents face to face rather than FaceTime or through signs shown outside their window. I, too, fluctuate between strength and doubt.

If you know a SAHM, show her some love because it is very likely she just wants to be where the people are and is pretty unprepared just like every other American mama.


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