Pandora Party Time!!

I love humiliating myself to Pandora’s music.

Pandora has some of the best music channels. Pandora is usually playing through one of our cars or in the house from the phone app. Music really sets the tone in our home. It can even change moods. (Warning: I don’t have a teenager.)

The first station is Disney Radio!!!

There are a few amazing Disney stations with all of the songs we remember from childhood mixed in with the new songs of today. But this one is my ultimate favorite. Their music mix is incredible. They found my favorite songs from childhood and combine them with the best current singalong songs of today. It’s the best mix of nostalgia with new hits. If you’ve even driven next to me, that’s what the boys and I were singing our hearts out to.
Mickey and friends outside of Cinderella’s castle 


Why? We live in southern Louisiana. That’s part of our culture, baaaaby!!! Get ready to move to our locally sourced musical groups. Zydeco has a French creole origin. It’s a mix of rhythm and blues with indigenous music. 

3rd-PJ Panda!

When you feel the urge to break out all of your favorite dances from eras past, play this station. There’s nothing better than attempting the running man dance in front of your kids’ friends. Their look of horror makes this station totally worth it. (Record it.) 

4th-Baby Mozart!

I read somewhere that classical increases your children’s IQ. Maybe it does. But it will make reading a book seem more exciting and bonus points if they fall asleep.

5th-Italian cooking music channel

Maybe the energy from this channel will show up in the glass jar of pre-made tomato sauce as dinner is made. There’s not really a downside.

6th-Rockin’ Kids Radio

This is a high-energy channel. It’s perfect for after nap time and your kids need the energy to clean up all of the toys they pulled out. (After they finish “cleaning,” it will energize you to finish the job.)

7th-Louis Armstrong Radio

Why? Because it’s amazing. This transports you to a magical time and has such pure energy. 

8th-Disney Junior Party Radio

Refer to #1, just more dance music. I love watching my kids dance. The freedom is amazing. (I think I became self-conscious when I couldn’t grasp the tootsie roll.) 

9th-Mardi Gras Radio

Mardi Gras is one of our favorite holidays! The pageantry and parades. It brings back so many memories.

10th-Lullaby Themes

These are the beautiful songs that we try to sing to our children but these are on key. 

I hope you enjoy!!


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