Piccadilly at Juban Crossing :: A Modern Twist on a Classic Dinner

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post about Piccadilly at Juban Crossing. All thoughts written and expressed are my own. 

Piccadilly at Juban Crossing:: A Modern Twist on a Classic Dinner

As a millennial, we crave nostalgia. Sitcom reboots are everywhere and scrunchies and puka shell necklaces are back! When my family of five had the opportunity to visit the newly built Piccadilly at Juban Crossing I knew I would be taking a trip down memory lane. After looking at the beautiful, modern design of the restaurant, this isn’t my grandma’s Piccadilly.

We were dining in, which, if I’m being honest, can be a little anxiety inducing with three kids in tow. Luckily, for those days where my husband is working late or we just don’t feel like braving the public Piccadilly’s take out is a great option. (You can order online!) The pickup line was busy but moving really quickly. I snuck a peek in a to-go bag (sorry patron!) and noticed a full Italian Cream Cake being picked up. That’s when I knew it was game.on. Having a picky-nine-year old, a WILD two-year-old, and an infant in a public setting is stressful enough but once the bigger ones saw that we were LEADING with dessert, the buy in was there.

It was a super fun experience to push those iconic trays down the serving line! First things first. Dessert. Red Velvet and the Italian cream cake were the initial items on the trays. Did I mention the high chairs have wheels so you can push your little people down the line without missing a beat? Lifesaver. Next, was a salad station that boasted an assortment of veggies and toppings where we could have stopped our trays right there! But, we rounded the corner and there it was. The surge of memories from post-church lunches and family dinners. All of the classic dishes and sides were among us and the BEAUTY OF IT ALL is that you get your food immediately. No needing to pacify the two-year-old while reading the menu or rocking our baby girl until the mashed potatoes arrived. But back to the line. My husband got the bacon-wrapped filet, while our eldest son and myself agreed on some seafood entrees. The loaded shrimp etoufee and chicken and sausage gumbo was seasoned to perfection and was more than filling but it’s Piccadilly and we would be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn’t get ALL the sides. The creamy mac and cheese teleported me to Thanksgiving while the mashed potatoes were gobbled up by our littlest one. The sweet Piccadilly staff assisted us with our trays and diaper bags and continued to do the same for other patrons.

I mean, where else can you get this many fresh options? It’s rare that everyone in my family can choose exactly what they want, actually eat, and have an experience in doing so. Some modern reboots are better left in the past but Piccadilly is here to stay!

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Camille has always had ties to Baton Rouge even though she didn’t live here until she finished college. Both of her parents grew up in the Red Stick but she was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. After graduating from the University of Tennessee (Go Vols!) with a BA in Communication Studies, she moved to Baton Rouge and welcomed her adorable son Caleb (7) less than a year later. She navigated life being a divorced mom until 2015 when she married her incredibly supportive husband Chris in San Francisco. They welcomed baby Christian in the summer of 2017. Truly a “Jane of all Trades”, she has worked in non-profit, local news, retail management, and owned a successful childcare facility. All roads led her to be an elementary school teacher which she believes is her calling. Camille enjoys “family fun days” where they explore BR, CrossFit, baking, and drinking all the coffee. She lives with her family in Ascension Parish with their chubby puggle Chloe.


  1. I feel the same way! 1 place that makes it easy and I can find something that all 3 kids will eat. Yea for Picadilly being back in Denham


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