A Proven Positive Approach for Children who Need to See an Orthodontist

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A Proven Positive Approach for Children who Need to See an Orthodontist

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that a child is evaluated at age 7 by an Orthodontist. An Orthodontist is a dentist who has specialized training in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics for at least 2 years after becoming a dentist. Orthodontists not only create beautiful smiles, but also correct detrimental malocclusions. Orthodontic treatment may prevent periodontal issues, TMJ, and excessive tooth wear that may occur due to improperly fitting bites. They are specialists in straightening teeth, correcting bites, and obtaining optimal facial esthetic results.

Early Treatment by an Orthodontist

With many parents having concerns about why Baton Rouge Orthodontistchildren are being treated by an Orthodontist at an early age, I offer the following explanation. As an orthodontic specialist, I have the opportunity to evaluate a 7-year-old patient and introduce them to the world of Orthodontics in a fun and positive way while quickly establishing the Orthodontic needs for the child. This relationship is beneficial to the patient and the Orthodontist in a variety of ways. There are many issues such as impacted canines, crossbites, severe crowding or spacing, severe overbites, or underbites that occur. With early treatment, we can significantly decrease the chances of irreversible damage to the teeth and jaw and decrease the possibility of surgical procedures for teeth to erupt properly. However, in the typical Orthodontic case, we provide Orthodontic treatment when all of the permanent teeth are in, which usually happens at approximately 12 years of age.  

Dr. Hollis Baton Rouge OrthodontistDuring early evaluation, we have the privilege to make our patients feel comfortable and excited about seeing the Orthodontist by providing an environment that makes them feel welcome and excited with gaming systems like X-Box, Playstation, and Wii, as well as Reward Programs with incentives to maintain oral hygiene and oral health. We also have our very own Fro-Yo machine where all of our patients can help themselves to their favorite frozen yogurt flavor at each and every appointment! By investing in the newest, most modern state of the art technology and efficient equipment like our 3D scanner we use for impressions, retainers and mouth guards, we have eliminated the fear and anxiety of taking traditional impressions. Our offices are designed to appeal to the demands of patients of all ages with a particular focus on adolescent and teenage patients. Our research proves that our patients are more enthusiastic and compliant when we promote an environment that is conducive to their needs and interests. This is a WIN WIN!

A Proven, Positive, Approach We are Proud of…  

As we have the pleasure of volunteering at many local school and community events to educate others about oral health and Orthodontic issues as well as participate in career fairs promoting Orthodontic careers in area middle and high schools, the “Proof is in the Pudding!” The enthusiasm of our patients is undeniable and to witness them thriving and excited about their Orthodontic progress and their beautiful new smile outside of our office in their environment is irreplaceable and undoubtedly why I became an Orthodontist!

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About Dr. Bryan Hollis

hollisDr. Bryan Hollis is a native of Ascension Parish, and an avid community supporter. He is married to Celeste Parent Hollis and they have 4 children. Dr. Hollis is a Board Certified Orthodontist as well as an active member of several leading Dental and Orthodontic associations. He is the recipient of a variety of awards based on his academic and clinical achievement. Dr. Hollis’ offices are located in Prairieville and Hammond.


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