Putting the Happy Back in Birthday

Do you ever feel pressure when you get an invitation to a birthday party to find the perfect gift? Birthday gifts shouldn’t be complicated. After all, their purpose is to show friends and family that they are thought of and loved. Whether you’re reading because you feel that pressure or if you are just looking for a birthday gift with a more homemade personal touch, keep reading because I have a few DIY gift ideas I want to share with you! I added links when applicable to make these gift ideas even easier for you to recreate.

These fun birthday gift ideas are the perfect way to celebrate your friend or family’s special day. They are inexpensive, easy, and add a thoughtful, personal touch. These also make great last-minute gifts as they are super easy to create. Here we go:

“Art in a Box”

Kids of all ages enjoy this box as it includes everything they need to let their imagination run wild and create masterpieces.

What’s inside:

  • canvas art board
  • pom poms
  • wooden paintable
  • paint sticks
  • washable paint and paintbrush
  • notebook
  • painters apron
  • coloring book/work book
  • character erasers
  • personalized crayons
  • sticker letters or vinyl
  • box of candy
  •  beads
  • gift box
  • basket filler

I have a Silhouette Cameo, so I was able to personalize the painter’s apron and the notebook with vinyl. If you do not have a machine like this, not to worry, you can always buy sticker letters.

The personalized crayons were made in a mold that comes from Amazon.

These two items are the only two that require a little more work than anything else in the kit. I used a gift box to hold it all and added basket filler as the bottom base. From there I picked the biggest items which were the coloring book, notebook, and apron to layer on top of the basket filler.

Add everything else on top and arrange it according to your liking. Save the pom poms and character erasers for the finishing touch as they are the smallest items.

I tied off the box with beads that I cut in half then twisted together at the top and stuck a box of candy under it.

Super cute, super easy! The most special thing about this art box is you can customize the things inside of it to each recipient’s interests.

“Snackle Box”

Tackle box meets snacks, and it got the name Snackle Box. Creating it is as easy as opening candy and dumping it inside!

What’s inside:

  • Tackle box
  • twine
  • bobber
  • Swedish fish
  • gummy worms/octopus/shark
  • letter stickers

Fill each compartment up with “sea” themed candy, wrap twine around the box, and tie it off with a bobber. If you want to take personalization a step farther, you can add their name with sticker letters or vinyl.

“Mani in a Jar”

If you’re in need of a gift for a girly child, this is one you’ll want to create and gift.

What’s inside:

  • flower vase
  • basket filler
  • kabob sticks
  • glue
  • nail salon gift certificate
  • nail polish
  • girl things: scrunchies, earrings, mini hairbrush, chapstick, hair dye, nail tools

Gather all the items you want to add to your jar and glue a kabob stick to the back of each. I made sure to pick items that were lighter in weight so that when I glued them to the kabob stick, they would stay attached.

Obviously, the nail polish is too heavy, but I couldn’t pass it up, so I just added it in with the base filler. Once the glue is dry, add the sticks to the flower vase and the gift is done! You can add a bow or some ribbon and say Happy best birthday ever!

What is your favorite gift to create and give?


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