Quick and Easy Halloween Treats {Your Kids Are Sure to Love}

Like most of you, I’m a mom on the go.  I’ve always seen my super crafty momma friends posting all these fun and cute holiday treats that they made with their kids.  I was determined that I was going to give my kids that lasting memory too, by George!  So a few years ago, I decided that for each holiday I’d do at least one holiday treat that we could all make and eat together!  This year, I got a little ahead of myself and did three! Eek!  They are so simple, quick, and fun to do with your kiddos’ help!

1.  Pretzel Pumpkins

photo 1


  • Bag of salted mini pretzels
  • green decorator’s icing (or bag of m&m’s, you’ll only need the green ones)
  • 1 bag of white chocolate chips
  • orange food coloring (or use yellow and red)
  • wax paper lined pan/platter.

Heat the white chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl for 1 minute, then stir.  Continue heating and stirring in 30 second intervals until all is melted and smooth.  (You can use a tbsp. of shortening if it’s too thick.)  Mix in your orange food coloring, stirring until you get a nice bright orange.  Dip each pretzel into the orange mixture until fully covered and place on a wax paper lined pan/platter.  Then while the pretzel is still wet, you will either place a green M&M for the stem, or use green decorator’s icing.  Let it cool and harden for 30 minutes.

Your kids (and YOU) will surely love this sweet and salty treat!

2.  Dracula Dentures

photo 2Ingredients:

  • Chocolate chip cookies (I used store bought)
  • red frosting
  • bag of mini marshmallows
  • almond slivers.

Cut your chocolate chip cookies in half (which is easier said than done), spread red icing on insides of the half cookies, place 4-6 small marshmallows on one half, add 2 almond slivers for his fangs, then top it off with the other half of the red frosted cookie.

This one was a lot of fun for the kids because as soon as they made it they could eat it (no wait time)!!  They absolutely loved walking around with their Dracula Dentures!!

3.  Jack Skellington cupcakes

Ingredients: photo 3

  • batch of chocolate cupcakes
  • white buttercream frosting
  • black decorator’s icing
  • 1 toothpick.

Frost the cupcakes.  Use one toothpick to lightly etch the outline of two large eyes in the frosting.  Slowly fill in the circles for the eyes with the black decorator’s icing.  Then slowly pipe the two short small lines for the nose and a long slender line slightly curved for the mouth.  For a finishing spooky touch, add some short, small barbs along his mouth!

These are super cute even if you aren’t the best with decorator’s icing (which I am not, so let your kids give it a try)!  Your kids will think they are awesome and tasty too!

All of these make such a sweet Halloween treat for our little ones who are just too cute to spook! Happy Halloween to all you “mummies” out there!

Do you make holiday treats with your kids?  What is your favorite Halloween or Autumn treat?

Katie, a self proclaimed "momma bear", enjoys living her busy, country life with her husband of 10 years and 3 sons just outside of Baton Rouge in Tangipahoa Parish. Katie attended Southeastern Louisiana University where she obtained a degree in Elementary and Special Education. Little did she know how her love of children with special needs would grow shortly after she graduated college. Her middle son, Connor, was born with a rare brain disorder called Schizencephaly-he is wheelchair bound, nonverbal, blind, battles retractable epilepsy, and is fed through a feeding tube. Katie and Connor endure the many trials they are put through with a smile and joy in their heart. Along with being an active member in her church and working for an online public school, Katie regularly advocates for those who experience developmental disabilities at the Louisiana State Capitol. She is the Region 9 leader for Louisiana Citizens for Action Now (LaCAN) and is a member at large for the Governor’s Advisory Council on Disability Affairs. When life's challenges seems too much to bear, Katie remembers this quote to keep forging ahead and being the voice for those who have none, “God often uses our deepest pain as the launching pad of our greatest calling.” -unknown


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