Raising Wild Things

Have you ever had those days when you think if anyone saw me right now, they’d nominate me for the “Worst Parent of the Year” award or pity me because only clinically insane people deal with this stuff?

Let me keep it real for you and let you in on a small portion of our week!

My daughter yelled at me so loudly in the library that it drew in quite a large audience and it took everything I had to not become a hulk mom in front of said audience. Oh, you’re wondering why she screamed at me? I put too much glue on her storytime craft…

Just yesterday, I let my kids have candy for breakfast because that’s all I could get them to eat and I didn’t have the strength or patience to fight them over it.

I bribe my kids with candy or prizes on nearly a daily basis.

This week, I made the Easter bunny (yes, already, because Santa is old news) the bad guy because I was tired of being the bad guy.

None of my kids are sleep trained which means our entire household typically lives in a sleep-deprived world and on edge because of the lack of sleep.

I had a literal break down on my husband’s shoulder! There is so much going on in our lives right now that I literally couldn’t handle it anymore.

I let my oldest son and daughter just fight it out because they had obviously suddenly turned deaf and could no longer hear me telling them to leave each other alone. It ended in tears all around.

My son has a terrible temper that makes me lose my temper.

Every. Single. Time. We get in the car and I buckle my daughter into her car seat, she screams like her legs are being cut off until she is unbuckled, or until her life is threatened. Needless to say, car rides have been such a blast lately!

So next time you think, gosh does anyone else go through this? Am I a bad mom for not doing XYZ? Am I a bad mom for doing XYZ? Does anyone else have kids that act like this? Why is my life so insane? Everyone has their own struggles and I can guarantee you aren’t alone! There is another mom somewhere going through the same struggles as you and wondering the same things you’re wondering. We are all out here raising our wild things and just praying to make it to the next day!

So, no matter if your kids had airheads for breakfast or if they had egg whites and fruit, I am here to tell you that you are doing an amazing job!

And also, it’s not you- it’s those darn precious kids!


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