Red Stick Roundup: Three Things I’m Loving Right Now

When looking for a new activity or family outing, I often turn to my family and friends for inspiration. If my fellow moms or best friends suggest it, then it must be good, right? That’s why I put together three things I am loving right now to hopefully introduce something new to you and your family.

Red Stick Farmers Market

With the cooler weather here, I’m finding our family is spending more and more time outside. One of the ways we love to spend Saturday mornings outside is at the Red Stick Farmers Market. Located downtown on Main Street, this market is home to local farmers selling delicious local produce and meat. From Louisiana strawberries to local grass-fed beef, you can find everything you need for your weekly shopping list. And one of my favorite features is great for moms: the Sprouts Program. Each week, kids that have signed up for the program get $2 in tokens to spend at the market.

My four-year-old daughter loves that she gets to shop and has the power to make a purchase. She strolls back and forth contemplating her pick of the week, which is usually a muffin or cookie of course.

Red Stick Spice Company

Along with the cooler weather comes more grilling, which means weekly trips to Red Stick Spice Company. This little gem is located on Jefferson Highway where it meets Government Street. Upon opening the doors, you are greeted with the most wonderful aromas, a delicious mix of their salts, olive oils, and seasoning blends. Along with their staple products, they rotate in seasonal blends and spices that you can buy in small 1 oz bags or in large spice jars. I love browsing the shelves and looking for the perfect rub or seasoning blend for a delicious family weekend meal.

And did I mention that they have amazing gift options?


I finally found it. The best non-workout workout class ever: Refit.

I recently joined a gym and while touring the facility was offered the chance to try a class at no-charge. So I looked at the schedule, found a time and day that I could do a crock-pot meal for, and showed up. I didn’t look at the class description, so was a little confused to walk into a room a women with no mats or weights. I was greeted by the instructor though and introduced to a few of the regulars, and then found an open spot off to the side.

As the clock struck 5:30, the lights dimmed, a disco ball went on, and the music blared. All of a sudden I was in the middle of a dance class. Y’all, we dropped it low. We fist pumped. We broke a sweat. It was 45 minutes of pure magic, and I’ve been back every Wednesday since. My only negative about this class is that I didn’t find it sooner.

What are you loving right now? Let me know!

Tiffanie Pitre is a wife and full-time working mom to a three-year-old (Norah) and one-year-old twins (August and Millie). Tiffanie was born and raised in New Orleans, but has been calling Baton Rouge home since 2004 when she enrolled at LSU. Upon graduating from the design program, she started working at the advertising agency Xdesign, where she now leads the team as Art Director. Tiffanie and her husband Stefan are always looking for new things to do as a family, and never let multiple backpacks, strollers, and bags weigh them down.


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