Tiffanie Pitre is a wife and full-time working mom to a three-year-old (Norah) and one-year-old twins (August and Millie). Tiffanie was born and raised in New Orleans, but has been calling Baton Rouge home since 2004 when she enrolled at LSU. Upon graduating from the design program, she started working at the advertising agency Xdesign, where she now leads the team as Art Director. Tiffanie and her husband Stefan are always looking for new things to do as a family, and never let multiple backpacks, strollers, and bags weigh them down.

Playroom Makeover: Where We Chose to Spend Our Money

We bought a new home in September with plans to transform the formal dining room into a playroom. Not only was it the perfect sized room, but it’s location in the house allowed for...

Do More, Move Faster: Inside the Mind of a Enneagram Type 3 Mom

I recently took the Enneagram test as part of a company-wide retreat. I sat across the table from a facilitator as they threw question after question at me. “How do you handle failure?” “Do you...

Two New Board Games for an At-Home Date Night (3 Minute Read)

Once the kids go down on a Friday or Saturday night, my husband and I pull out the board games. We used to gravitate towards cards games like Canasta or old-school video games like Dr....

Why We Are a “One TV” Family

Our family of five shares one TV that is in the living room. Along with only having one TV, we also only have Netflix, Hulu and a few other TV apps downloaded for the kids...

The Weight of Being Full-Time Everything and Wearing All of the Hats

I’m a full-time mom. A full-time wife. A full-time friend. Sister. Sister-in-law. Cousin. Daughter. Daughter-in-law. Co-worker. The list goes on. It’s a lot of hats to wear, especially when you aren’t able to take one...

Let’s Talk Twins: Why I Chose to Separate Them at 20 Months

A lot of time has passed since my last twins related post. As a new mom of twins, I was learning to juggle being a wife, career woman, and mom to three. Now, a half...

Four Reasons Local Moms Should Join Southern Oaks Athletic Club

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Southern Oaks Athletic Club. That said, I was a loyal member long before this opportunity came up. All thoughts and opinions are genuinely my own. Four Reasons Local Moms...

Why I Struggle with Traditions

My mom says I am the least sentimental person ever. It may be true, and it may not. For the most part, I’ve never been one that has attached myself to physical objects. I have...

My Family Went on a Blind Play Date

My husband and I recently sold our first home to accommodate our now family of five. One day when I shared our Zillow listing on Facebook, I got an unexpected message from an old...

New Year, Same Me (But Better)

This year, I’m going to be a better mom … said every mom ever I’m one of those moms. January 1st marks the beginning of a new year — the year I will be a...

Red Stick Roundup: Three Things I’m Loving Right Now

When looking for a new activity or family outing, I often turn to my family and friends for inspiration. If my fellow moms or best friends suggest it, then it must be good, right?...
Gracious Receiver This Holiday Season

Being A Gracious Receiver this Holiday Season

I’ve always struggled with asking for help and even more so with accepting help. As soon as I hear “Do you need help with …” or “Do you want me to …” my mouth starts...