Relief Telemed :: Quality, Convenient Healthcare Right At Your Fingertips

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Relief Telemed :: Quality, Convenient Healthcare Right At Your Fingertips

“Honey, he is running a fever and needs to see the doctor!” Or even worse – “I am running a fever and need to see the doctor!”

And so the ensuing negotiation begins of whose schedule allows for some unexpected time off to take care of the kids. As we approach cold and flu season, these scenarios will play out in almost every household. Going to the doctor can be an ordeal that often includes shuffling sick kids with tissues in hand on top of everything else. It’s guaranteed to take a few hours, and who actually has hours to spare?

There’s an app for that!

No, there isn’t an app that can wipe runny noses, but there is an app that will let you “see the doctor.” We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new mobile healthcare app, Relief Telemed (you can find it in the Apple app store AND the Google Play store) that allows you to conduct a live, video visit with a medical provider from the comfort of your own home or office. Having owned medical clinics in the past, and being a parent of two young children myself, my team and I have built a telemedicine platform that makes it extremely convenient for parents looking to access quality healthcare without having to sacrifice a few hours of your day to get it.

From restaurant delivery to buying groceries to shopping for new school uniforms thanks to growth spurts, we value goods and services that are convenient, fast, and afford us more time to spend with our families. Relief Telemed and other telemedicine providers are following the same trend but now with healthcare.

Thanks to recent advancements in mobile technology, you can now receive healthcare from any location using your mobile device. Telemedicine uses mobile video technology to deliver healthcare conveniently and efficiently and is gaining more ground because consumers are now demanding that more services be convenient, on-demand, and at their fingertips.

Here Are Our TOP Three Reasons You Should Try Relief Telemed::

Saving Time

With an increase of on the go, active lifestyles of families these days, telemedicine provides quick access to medical providers when an illness or medical issue pushes the pause button on your day. Telemedicine gives individuals back the time they would otherwise spend driving to a clinic, sitting in a waiting room, waiting to see the provider, and then heading back to work or home. And this doesn’t even consider the stresses of getting your children out the door and then sitting in an overcrowded, germ-filled waiting room, hoping your kids don’t catch anything else. With our Relief Telemed app, registering for a visit is quick and only takes a few minutes; our providers are available 24 hours a day for when the little one wakes up at night not feeling well.

Reduced Cost

Telemedicine not only saves you time but it also saves you money. Telemedicine leverages technology to really drive down the cost of routine visits. With Relief Telemed, our visits are extremely affordable. Compared to average office visits costing between $150 – $200, Relief Telemed visits are only $39.95 per visit, which is equal to or cheaper than most insurance co-pays. Because we are cost-effective and affordable, we currently do not accept insurance.

In fact, for all Red Stick Moms Blog readers out there, we are running special pricing through the end of the year. Use the promo code “RSM2018” in the app and get your visits for only $29.95.

Quality Health Care

Opponents of telemedicine suggest that the quality of care is diminished when the patient is not physically there. However, studies have consistently shown that the quality of healthcare services delivered via telemedicine are as good as those given in traditional in-person consultations. In some cases, telemedicine delivered a superior product, with greater outcomes and patient satisfaction. Relief Telemed can handle 75% of cases that are handled in an urgent care or primary care setting and delivers the same, if not higher, level of quality and satisfaction.

We are extremely excited to bring such an innovative, convenient option to Baton Rouge and to so many moms out there who struggle when their children aren’t feeling well. In this day and age, healthcare should not be a stressful, time-consuming, costly ordeal. (Comforting a sick child is hard enough). It should be quick, convenient, and affordable. Telemedicine can be the perfect solution to help you save time and money. So please download our app and give Relief Telemed a try; it is sure to change the way you access healthcare for yourself and your family.

Download the Relief Telemed app now and use the code “RSM2018” (valid through 12/31/2018) to get $10 off your visits.

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Vishal Vasanji is a Baton Rouge-based entrepreneur with extensive experience in the healthcare industry. A problem-solver at heart, Vishal looks for inspiration outside the healthcare industry to find unique, innovative ways to solve many of the problems that face the healthcare industry.  When not trying to make healthcare easier and more efficient, Vishal is a proud dad of two extremely active kids (5 and 7) and an even more proud husband.



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